I feel extremly happy

just like to say hi and have an AMAZING DAY :D

I've been feeling a bit depressed lately...

I act a bit wild and when a bully attacks me I defend myself like an animal, with bites and scratches and such... I get made fun of for it. I keep hiding and keeping to myself and my few friends... I've been avoiding my crush because any sexually other than straight is frowned upon majorly by kids in my school...
What do you guys think about me? Am I okay?

... hi

Is this community still alive?

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When ur crush texts u before u text him be like:

(The second gif describes it the best XD)
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Omg I want to send this to my crush and see what happens...

I'm not gonna...

Or should I? It's too late now... So maybe tomorrow? Idk!

don't answer to this, I only wanted to say that I want to send this to my crush!
What would u do!?!? Be honest guys!!! I kinda want to know :3

I feel extremely bored right now. first I get shot and break my elbow and now I have no one to rp with.
help me

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? U can say both on some of the questions if you wish. :3

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I just feel depressed... I can't get something out out of head...

I'm not- I use... I use other animals' techniques to defend myself, play games like infection and tag, entertaining myself, etc. I'm not really that bad, am I?

I get it, I'm weird. I have a lot of flaws, but atleast I bring myself up. That's what's great about me- I keep going. I know my anxiety has been taking over me, so it's easier to bug me, but, no one can take me down. That's the main part of me, but no one sees it. No child in my school anyway. Except for my crush, and like, four friends. Idk anymore. What I could really need right now is people saying what they like about me, and how I'm good to the world.

I suppose I'm just overreacting today, sense it's been a really bad day. But still.
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