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Hello fellow Rin and Len fans! I am bang sikee, the co-owner of this community. +Rem​​​ is our founder/main owner that created this wonderful community.

After being busy with school and other things, we have decided to come back and start being the moderators we are supposed to be.

I have just realized that this community has been running for almost 2 years now. Wow! Good job guys! ^^
As happy as I am to say this, I have also noticed that we are right at the tip of reaching 400 members. And I haven't yet forgotten my promise; yes, there will be a new moderator in this community once we reach 400 members.

Thank you for listening to this short message. Have a great day!~


How to become moderator

•Follow our community rules.
•Invite your friends to our community!
•Post daily (but please, not too much).
•Respect other members.

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Virgin Noize 新曲

ワーストワールドダンス / 鏡音リン


#ボカロ #Vocaloid
#鏡音リン #鏡音オリジナル曲
#VOCAROCK #拡散希望RTお願い

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Kagamine Rin Len, those of Una Flower Fans should come in!

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Yo my favorite vocaloids is Rin and Len but I'm not into there ship (sorry). I just find them as brother and sister so yeah...

anyone want to rp? I kinda want to do a rin x oc x Len have the twins fight over my oc XD

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東京ニルヴァーナ / 鏡音リン・レン


#sm32607135 #ボカロ 
#鏡音リン #鏡音レン #鏡音オリジナル曲

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