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是次活動已超過40個城市支持及參與, 希望 透過捐血救人, 將關愛生命連繫起來, 創造全球綠營紀錄。  活動由香港綠營協辦, 歡迎所有藍綠營朋友一起參與, 更誠邀同行好友共襄善舉。捐血捐愛 健康無礙。

We are having more than 40 cities participating in this event, blood donation for LINKED LIVES over the world and archive  global Enlightened records. This event is organized by the Hong Kong Enlightened, welcome all Enlightened/Resistance agents and invite your friends to participate the blood donation activity together for charity.

ENLHK Foreign Affairs and Development & Coordination

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ATTENTION #IngressFS  Organizers
We have not heard official word from Niantic regarding IngressFS for August, so Agents decided to be proactive and find an alternative way to post the event list, to help out this month.

Agents all over the world ARE holding an August  #IngressFS !
+Fev Games will be posting the IngressFS Event list this month!

+Ethan Lepouttre and I will share the list of events and are asking everyone here to get the word out by sharing it once the list is posted!

#IngressFS Organizers should create their Google+ Event Page as they normally do,  +Jordon Mizzi  will be posting the event form in the #ingressFS Community here later today for you to put the link in.

Since we have not heard that there will be IngressFS Kits, we are assuming there will not be kits this month.  We are trying to come up with alternatives to the Passcodes. Feel free to share ideas below!

+Jordon Mizzi will collect scores as he usually does with the form after the event, which will also be posted here in the IngressFS Community, as it always has been.

The only difference you will see this month is that there may not be passcodes and the event list will be posted on FEVGames site instead of the Ingress Events page.  

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Really great IngressFS video!

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Congratulations to Toyo, JP Agents for helping new recruits gain 39 Access Levels and 6M AP.
More than 3k Agents participated in First Saturday events worldwide. Excellent work!

Register your 2-MAY #IngressFS event today at
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Congratulations to La Paz, BO Agents for helping new recruits gain 45 Access Levels and 4M AP. More than 5k Agents participated in First Saturday events worldwide. Excellent work.

With the upcoming holiday, we are temporarily suspending IFSK-100 kits for the 4-APR events and will resume kit distribution on 2-MAY. However, we will continue to update the public Ingress Events page at Register your 4-APR #IngressFS event today at

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An Ingress First Saturday event means a lot of different things to different people: meeting new friends and old enemies, organizing a cross-faction event, competing against each other on friendly grounds, and getting together as a community to ensure its own future. 
Ingress FS Colombo was the maiden First Saturday event to be held in Sri Lanka, and incidentally, it was the first cross-faction event held within the Sri Lankan Ingress community as welll. While Sri Lankan Ingress agents have competed on an international level in the past, they have never had the chance to get together and organize their own cross-faction event. 
IngressFS: Colombo was held on the 7th of March, 2015. It featured the classic elements of an FS event: competitions, prizes to be won, and all-round fun and friendship between the two factions. 

The Z Crew comprising of members from both factions headed out at 10.30am to clear the surrounding area so that the games could begin at 11am. The agents from both factions battled it out to gain levels and AP, and the Sri Lankan Resistance managed to secure the City Prize for having the highest aggregated score for the AP Gain competition. 
The total AP gain for the event from both factions was a whopping 4,942,724 AP while the total level gain was 13 levels. Afterwards, agents @Duval and @raitoyagami hosted a quiz competition based on the Ingress backstory and handed out Q-Workshop Ingress dice provided by NIA to the winners. The whole event was rounded off with a grand prizegiving. 

It was wonderful to see old faces that we thought we would never see again in Sri Lankan Ingress turn up that day for this community event. It was heartening to see members of both factions working together tirelessly to make the event a success, showing that the rivalry of Ingress should be limited to the scanner. When we put our scanners down, the Sri Lankan Ingress community are the best of friends, and we are proud that IngressFS Colombo helped us to show that to the whole world. 

This is agent @RamdeshLota signing off on behalf of the Sri Lankan Ingress community. See you at the next First Saturday event!

FS Faction Leads:
@PA9( +Pasindu Wanniarachchi)
@navin83( +Navin Gunaratne
Z - Crew:
@hansakinkini( +Janani Hansakinkini Thilakarathne)
@dinmil( +Dinusha Wijesinghe
@cc89( +Chathura Chamikara
@Duval( +Kulendra Janaka)
@Cyan017( +Chamal Nanayakkara)
@jaze87( +Jameel Jazeel Ahamed)
@DonnieX64( +Donovan Abeyewardene)
@yakaa( +Yasiru Welandawe)
@iFeelYouJohanna( +Gehan Somanader)
@SLPooh( +Pubudu Tennakoon)
Organizing Team:
@thinir( +Thilanka Niroshana)
@maku13s1( +Thiwanka Makumburage)
@yohanzee( +yohan madushanka)
@inf3rn0z( +Kalindu Sachintha Wijesundara)
@painkillerSL( +Kasun Chamara)
@NightFurySL( +Teshan Nanayakkara)
@Batzee( +Amalan Dhananjayan)
@CaptainHadok( +Chamith Chandrasekara)
@MaxMobler( +Hiran Darshana)
Media Team:
@graybyte( +Thilan Samarakoon)
@JacksDaniels( +Janaka Dushantha)
@P3ricles( +Preveen Rodrigo)
@whendraz( +Harshadewa Ariyasinghe)

#IngressFS   #Colombo   #IngressSriLanka  

+Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +John Hanke +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger 
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Thank you all 47 Enlightened and 15 Resistance agents who joined  #ingressfs  in Lingnan Garden on Mar 7, 2015. 

Hong Kong City Score
Level Gain: 10
AP Gain: 12,546,175
Score sheet :

Enlightened Score
Level up Gain: 9
AP Gain: 9,024,134

Resistance Score
Level up Gain: 1
AP Gain: 3,522,041

Best Level up Agents
Enlightened agent ID:@franco898hk( 5 levels up )
Resistance agent ID:@tobylee( 1 level up )

Best AP Gain Agents
Enlightened agent ID:@Winkykaman( 876,294 AP )
Resistance agent ID:@tobylee( 567,187 AP )

#cheero  *Ingress Power Pack Winner ( Special thanks to*  #cheero  )
Enlightened agent ID:@Winkykaman

Ingress dice set Winners  
Enlightened agent ID:@Winkykaman
Resistance agent ID:@tobylee

HK IngressFS Team Lead Representative
Resistance : +Lam Hei 
Enlightened : +小樑   

Special thanks to all Hong Kong IngressFS Team all leaders who supported from backstage.
ENL : +Kenny Man +Alan Wong ID:CatWong +J Chan +Lucille Hui +Franco Ng 
RES : +Daniel Cheng +wyman wong +Ambrose Lau  

See you next month !

Hong Kong IngressFS Community 

cc +Joe Philley +Olga Garcia +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Brandon Badger +Dave Lo +Niantic Project 
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