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Stationary stair cam video (~50mins, 11 songs) of Wavecage's set at the Greenwood Bar, Launceston Sat 22nd April, 2017.

Want to help and support this artist to bring you more original music and videos free to the world? And help my wife beat cancer at the same time? Please like, share, comment, and for a limited time pledge here (pledges only count if the target is reached by June 1st, 2017):

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This guy has a pretty well organised patreon setup, does backing tracks with improv tips.

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Was wondering when something would happen like this: Amazon has a single available as an album for $7.99!!! Lol, its a 10 minute jam track. The others are 0.99, which is cheaper than the usual 1.69, but 7.99 is steeper than steep... i have no control over pricing, I'm just noting how much they show up for...

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Google Play store is up ;)
 Um, I must've used your Bit Attractor for artist image, +David Lazarus  i realise that was probably a bad idea, i'll change it ;)
Edit: no i didn't use it for artist image, GP has just used an image from my tracks as a default. I have uploaded an artist image that will replace the default, but takes time to update, apparently. Sorry for any confusion.
(The image is Bit Attractor by +David Lazarus, used by permission for Feature Facade.)

Got my 1st rejection email today! Still felt like a punch in the guts, even though this is just testing the waters and not too serious.
Rejected because I just used a band logo for art, lol, so just resized and cropped some old photos (see if it works, not supposed to do that - resize smaller imgs!) and used them for the next half dozen uploads, submitted six more songs today.

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Hi, Wavecage have started releasing stuff officially. Its Alt Rock/Blues/Aussie Folk, guitar based blues rock. With some outliers. A lot of outliers.

First up:
Some old but new recordings of some old Vicious Hippies and Birko songs from the 90s, plus some newer stuff.

Singles available on Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and Groove, coming to more platforms too.

Released on DistroKid label, (great for independent artists like us!).

These first releases are mostly instrumentals, backing tracks for vocal versions.

The cheapest online store to buy these singles are on Amazon for $0.99, other stores $1.69. Free on SoundCloud (when available), and YouTube (when video is released), and all releases for cost of $1 by becoming a Wavecage patron through Patreon.

Thanks, cheers all
Rock on!

Wavecage - Itunes

Wavecage - Amazon

Wavecage - Google Play
(search link - proper link coming soon)

Wavecage - DistroKid
(Disclosure: sign up with with this link, you get 7% discount, I get $5)

Wavecage - YouTube
Official Playlist for Wavecage recording releases

Wavecage - Patreon
(Become a Wavecage patron for $1 or more per month, get all access pass)

Wavecage - SoundCloud
Free listening on SoundCloud (will bet better when I can afford to go pro again ;)

We also have a Wavecage G+ Community - everyone welcome!

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Thanks to a great group of great people gives me a buzz and floors me, too!
Wavecage singles available now with more coming out, check my YT for latest vids, we are starting a patreon, its up now but I need to do an introduction video and I can't bring myself to yet,
Currently got my laptop flat out rendering video and copying studio backups from the old studio pc (its the kids gamebox now), found 200+ gb of exports and videos, there's still 120+ gb of recording projects that generated the 200 odd gigs of mixes and videos! !!

So I am going to try and make sure to release high quality wav as well as mp3 for the audio tracks from now on, as most of the first five released are mp3 only.
Just waiting for the copying to finish its been hours. ..

Faces should be released in next day or two, with a new video that features drawings by local artist Nathan.
Nathan's art has an intensity and honesty I find really engaging, unfortunately the video and photos don't do justice to the real things. .. but hopefully some of it shows through ;)

I would love to print and frame +David Lazarus​' pieces as well to put in the gallery (of Wavecage)

If anyone is interested in helping with artwork, posters, videos etc please let us know in the comments, and or if there is something we can do for you, please ask in the comments.

Love light and peace to you all!
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