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~Name~ Xerksies(Xerk) Aknomen Servile
~Age~ 34
~Gender~ Male
~Species~ Unknown Extraterrestrial Humanoid Race
~Personality~ Progressive, Controlling
~Powers~ Telepathic Suggestion
~Weapons~ Alien Assault Machine Gun. (Fires an unknown number of Hard-Light pulses)
Alien Semi-automatic pistol.(Fires an unknown number of Hard-Light pulses)
~Number~ 05
~Biography~ John does not know who he is or where he is from, he only knows that he is an alien on an alien world. Life has been difficult for him, his attempts at fitting in with the indigenous humanoid population have failed, resulting in him being labeled "Monster" "Alien" and other names.
~Physical Description~
Hight 7'5"
Weight 353 lbs
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Silver

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i work on the engine of the ironclade as i tell the ship to start as the ships engines erupt blue smoke as i sigh damn it, it broke again

Hey Guys!, I Would Just Like To Say That Everybodies Profile Needs To Be Finished BEFORE! We Start To Rp So We Can Include Everybody In The Rp

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profile name: Xergy (Grey)
age: 17
species: Shapeshifter
 gender: Male
personalty: Silent
powers: Illusion
weapons: Any weapon 
number: 3
bio: Likes to Read and Doesn't like to talk to People unless needed

Just A Reminder For The Profile, You Say Your Online Name Not Your Organization Name, Because That's My Job, And Please Write Down Your Weapon(s) And Power(s) Thanks! And Invite We Need More  It Would Help Out A lot ^-^ 

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name: Xirchs (chris)
 age: 19
 species: neko/human
 gender: male
 personalty: silent,strong
 powers: gravity , shape shifting,
 bio: a silent person who handles the extreme missions. very powerful and can take on most of the extreme missions.Leader of the new organization,he watches and control.
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