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Name: Silver Fang
Gender: Stallion
Age: 21
Likes: Killing Zombies, Drinking Soda, shooting guns (yeah, there's guns in this RP Community)
Dislikes: Zombies
Bio: Was once born a "cursed" Foal because I can shoot lightning out of my hands, I was raised in Poniville and moved up into becoming a Royal Guard to the Princesses, When the outbreak happened, he was no longer bored of his job
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(Here it goes, I guess)
Name: Xiba 'S1lv3rGun The Reinhardt' Zulu
Gender: Stallion (Neither after transformation, meaning he can become a Mare if he wanted to)
Age: 17 (11th February 1999)
Species: Ragnarok Changeling (last of its kind, Death Pony-Shape shifter)
Likes: Killing, suffering, weapons, death, clubbing spike
Dislikes: Haters, non believers, being told what to do, being proved wrong, clubbing, clubbing spikes, Spike
Abilities: Can withstand Extreme Temperatures, hear private messages (whispers, mumbling, ect), can read lies, control other ponies to do his bidding, teleportation
Backstory: Once a normal pony, Xiba was transformed into a changeling capable of mass destruction. He was 10 years old when he was taken in by Queen Chrysalis and forced to mutate into who he is now, and now he seeks revenge on the entire hive, more importantly the Queen of the changeling army herself, with both parents dead and his 3 brothers in intensive care he will not stop in till the deed is done...
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Name: Thunder Scratch
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Lives: Ponyville
State: Equestria
Works for: Wonderbolts Academy as
Insanity form: Magic Thunder
Nightmare form: Nightmare Thunder

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is walking around in ponyville, looking for any undead that need to be put to rest

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Best zombie killer in town

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Sup everyone ^^ you probably either know me from here or my tumblr were i sometimes hang out with negasimon and fabulous jin ^^ welp now you can sometimes encounter me on wii u's version of black ops 2 ^_^ see ya there

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Name: lucius demones
Age: 16
Gender: stallion
Likes: restoring balance, letting the dead rest permanently, guns
Dislikes: unbalanced order, people coming back to life
Bio: "let's just keep it short, because I hate stuff that records me, yes, I came here because of the zombie outbreak, yes, I am an alicorn demon, well, at least in this physical body, I am, and yes, I can use fire based attacks, are we done here? The audio recorder is starting to piss me off"

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Lets go I got my team
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CoD? Why not Dead Rising?
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