I'm trying to create Metatron with Vishnu and Throne, but I can't fuse Vishnu. The SMT4 Tool shows that I can fuse Vishnu with Tenkai and Botis, but he isn't appearing in my Search log.

Anyone running into this problem?

I hope i can post it here the x of god (tonado, lightning, ...) have a pierce effect for the element the skill uses (but will be repelled if the target has rp for the element) this is for the skill section of the tool

If i add a Demon to the Comp they won't be saved in the Comp if i close the app

Im wondering either if this is a current feature or a feature that can be added to the Tool.

When you put a demon in to your COMP it would be nice if you could preset up a specific skill set for that demon and then the Tool would give you a Fusion chart basically telling you which demons to fuse with which to get that demon with the desired skills.

Like a Metatron with (Berserker God, High Phys, Mahamaon, Megidolaon, Agidyne, Ziodyne, Grand Tack, and Mana Surge) 

And then after putting that Metatron and selecting those skills pressing a button and it would then bring up a Fusion chart showing you what demons to fuse to get a Metatron with those skills.

This tool has been very useful during my playthrough. However, I would like to make a suggestion on labeling demons that need to be unlock since many times I try to fuse one demon only to find that you need to unlock them. Anyway keep up the good work.  

i like this tool a lot, actually im making a RPG about SMT with some friends, i dont want to ask you much, but i need to know how much EXP the demons gave and macca, it is posible that you can put that info in this tool? its just a sugestion, but if u can i will really apreciate it and went i finish, i can show how it work the RPG =), ty for your attention

I've been getting a lot of use out of this tool, so thanks for putting in the time and effort to make it!  But also I have found a typo in the demon names- you have Baldur listed as 'Beldur'

A little suggestion:
You should add "Mutates from:" to a demon's page.
So as an example, on Divine Virtue's page it will say "Mutation - Dominion (46 => 51)"
You should also have "Mutates from - Power (37)"

Firefox stuff works fine now. Can click on the Demons and they load right up. What does the Up/Down mean with the Elemental demons?

In firefox the links aren't clickable, works fine in IE.
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