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Career: (such as, Police Officer, Detective, Hospital EMT, Firefighter or Firefighter EMT. FBI Agent, Police Officer with K9 Dog,

Job Specialty: (what you do best in your career unique only to you, valuable you do in your career.) Example: I can examine a victim and accurately pinpointing thier need of operation.) Or, as a police officer, I can handcuff people fast as long as i'm able to get close enough to the aggressor.) ETC)

Transpotation vehicle type: such as, Police Motorcycle bike, medevac helicopter, medevac plane, fire truck, police boat, police car. Even a bus. Please use photos of vehicles with emergency light's on them.

Lives saved: how many lives have you saved as a rescue personnel? Nothing crazy. 50 or less victims saved.

Duration of career experiences: how long have you been active in your (RP) career? Example, ive been an active police officer for 20 years. Or I've been an active firefighter for 2 years etc.

Awards/achievements: have you earned anything other than what I give you? What has your character earned in his/her life for thier career?

Office Rank: firefighter officer, ems officer, police officer, examples, chief, (Ranking system can be found in photos below, one for police and firefighter's. Hospital EMT's don't have a ranking system. So just put Hospital Ambulance Emt in rank.

Bio: tell us whom you are, who is your character and what is your character about? Values hobbies, etc. From birth to your current (RP) career.

Appearance: use photo, you dont need to dress in uniform if you dont want to.

Add template in the character profile section to create your character. Look forward to seeing you. :)

below your left police ranks
Your right firefighter ranks.
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Name:Rainbow Flashover
Job specialty:In charge of rescuing people from buildings

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Attention, all available units, there is white van going high speeds; last seen on highway 9. Driver is a man wearing a white T~shirt please be advised he is said to be obtaining a loaded hand gun. Use caution upon approach.

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Name: Haven Patrolie

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Career: Police Officer

Job Specialty: Patroling and scanning license plates; also good at apprehending suspects as long as I'm close enough to the suspect. Haven has good negotiating skills.

Transpotation vehicle type: a black Lincoln Police Car.

Lives saved: as a Police Officer, I've helped save 10 lives so far.

Duration of career experiences: I've been in the police force for 3 years with countless traffic stops handing people violation tickets. I have experience with crimes such as burglary and theft and on those times, I helped rescue,10 victims.

Accommodated For
Safest Tactical Negotiator Of The Month.

Acknowledged for and rewarded with
The Informative Trainers Plaque

A award, for
10 outstanding successful rescues within six months.

Officer Rank: Deputy

Bio: Haven, at a young age, experienced many home burglaries and invasions in his home. Lucky, he was never harmed. Nevertheless, as Haven moved away with his parents to a, thought to be, safer place. Haven instead, witnessed countless robberies in his neighbourhood. Haven grew accustomed to calling to notify the police of suspicious neighbourhood activities. Eventually, Haven earned the respect from the police force because Haven was never wrong when he called law enforcement about neighbourhood crimes. The police always caught the suspect's in relation to Haven calling the police.
As Haven grew older, the police encouraged Haven to join the police force and before doing so he learned a lot in police academy. Haven eventually became a police officer with earned respect from other police officers. Now Haven, proudly, serves as a negotiator for the global emergency response force. 
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This is your HQ (Headquarters.) Here you can progress in your career by learning new things; refreshing on subjects and material.have breakfast lunch and dinner unless youre out doing career stuff. Either way, your HQ is your refugee. Your home.
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