monster name: Ashfire or Ash
Human name:Ashlyn
Gender: Female
Species: Half human,
powers: she has some fire powers and can almost fly/hover.
likes: drawing, dancing, causing trouble
dislikes: most people, bullies.
dance style: Hip-hop, freestyle.
Looks: Long black hair died blue and cut short. She usually wears headphones.
Bio: None so far.

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Name: Lizari
Gender: Female
Species: reaper
Powers: Telekinetic death magic, can control my own blood and other souls by song and dance
Likes: drawing, singing, dancing, motorcycle racing, reading
Dislikes: racists, sexists, perverts, idiots, being betrayed, toriel
Dance Style: Latino, freestyle, break dance, techno
*After having nowhere to go when my parents were slaughtered when I was four, I wandered the streets and Hurd someone playing music in an alleyway, I found a group of guys with horns and batlike wings dancing. Being a innocent child a danced along and they cheered on, one asked me were my parents were and when I told him sadness struck his face and he decided to raise me and him and his friends took me home to there sewer home/ dance cub called "The down under" were I was soon raised and now am a very rebellious teenager
Crush: Asriel
Looks: like pic except she wears black sweats a muscle shirt with a rainbow skull on it, Beenie, neon sneakers, same gloves, and a black hoodie

i am so sorry to everyone in this community that i have been inactive but it was for a very good reason! i hope you can forgive me and that we can keep dancing!

My profiles been approved so now does anyone wanna rp?

Anyone one wanna rp?

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What song do you think works with this? :3
I don't know how I feel about this
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Name~ Alphys
Gender~ Female
Species~ Lizard
Powers~ SCIENCE!
Dance Style~ Hip hop (k-pop/j-pop based)
Likes~ Anime, science experiments, dance, Korean and Japanese pop culture, Undyne
Dislikes~ Shipping wars, embarrassing situations, people dissing her OTPs
Bio~ H-hi...! I-I'm Alphys and I umm.. o///o can't wait to r-roleplay with you! Yeah...

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*heya, wanna rp?.. its been a long time i didn't do anything so.. yeah cuz' i don't have idea.. yeah... rp maybe?

Hey, when you join the group could you PLEASE make a profile once you join? I'd like to just get that out the way and know who's actually in this to RP
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