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Who is the most cutest cat
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Name: shade
Nickname: Kitty
Species: Neko demon (cat)
Gender: girl
Like: she loves to rock and read and draws
Dislike: she hates cool water and doesn't like having her phone die everytime

Age:17 yrs old
Weapons: SPAS_17,Steel Batons,Rocket launcher
Description:I am the shadow fighter Not like others. But i am ninja...

<Invited by patrica ridenour> Blushes dark

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Name - Kasienikeh Crow
NN - Kaz
Age - 14
Gender - Male
Height - 5'5''
Weight - 98lbs
Race - Ghoul
Appearance - White short choppy hair, red eyes, black choker, black and white jacket, black skinny jeans, white all stars.
Likes - Candy, dark colors, the voices in his head, music
Dislikes - Bullies, the light.
Weapons - Hands, feet, the shadows, blood.
Skills - Assassin movements, excellent hand to hand combat
Magic Element - Shadow and Blood
Relatives - unknown
Bio - Kaz and his sister and playing in the front yard when two guys with big cases came by, their father noticed and came outside quickly. "Go inside, and don't come out til i say so'' he told them, they started to go inside, when two men appeared in front of the Kaz and Uta  "Don't go i still have things, i need......" Takes out a big hammer "......TO SAY!!!" he lunged himself at the father and hit directly in his stomach, he hit the ground in front of Kaz and Uta, "Run in separate directions, they won't get you, trust me" Kaz nodded and looked at his sister,  they nodded and ran off in different directions and never saw each other again, and they both know they won't ever see their father unless they die.
Song - So Long Sentiment - Celldweller 
Tokyo Ghoul AMV

your walking past the elemental fighting arena when you hear a noise, you go and investigate, at the door you pier through and you see a boy Training you see his wings have turned black as night you open the door saying.... (open rp)

Rainbow is practicing her special skills, burning and freezing the room she's in.

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Techno was trying walk down to the Elemental Fighting Arena to see what happens there, and wonders if he should d it also, but he couldn't seem to find it hmm.......wonder where it is...i have to find it soon i wan to do it with other people and get stronger

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Name: Rin
Nickname: Angle of Darkness
Species: Angle/ Demon
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: ~Below~ Just with white wings and no jewelry
Likes: light and dark, friends, family
Dislikes: loneliness
Weapons: ~Below~
Magic Element: light/Dark
Bio: rin has a secret, that secret is that he's part demon! He has only told few people his secret. He's scared that people will find out his secret.
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Title: The Fallen Angel of Death
Name: Abbadon
Age: Unknown ((one of the first angels)
Team: Neutral
Gender: Male
Weapons: Sickle Swords, Death Scythe
Powers: He is death itself, weilding dark magic, teleportation, very strong, Devours souls, healing factor, can fly ((has wings))
Likes: Death, violence, the sound of agony 
Dislikes: angels, demons, Humans he hates all!
Personality: Bloodthirsty, merciless, Unforgiving
Bio: Once a loyal Servant of god now a fallen Angel he is the Fallen Angel of Death his rival is his brother who is the Angel of Corruption and Justice
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