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After 4 beta releases Arcus v2.1.3 Final is now available:

New: Store (Beta) to list all supported themes
New: Installed variants section (Slide navigation drawer from left)
New: Small Indicators for instant patching and DU certified
New: Search functionality
Visual improvements
Disabled instant patching on PA (Incompatibility issues)
Bug fixes

We now have small icons to indicate instant patch support and DU certification.
1. How to turn on DU certification indicator icon for your theme?
See here:
Warning: Misuse of this indicator will result in your theme being banned from Arcus. Use this value only if your theme is approved by the DU team after submitting it here (

2. If your theme name is really long this is for you:

3. Patch files are now stored in the respective theme folder
i.e. /Arcus/PatchFiles/YourThemeName/patches.arc

I'd like to create a new tab in Arcus to offer alternative fonts.
In my zips (raw folder) I put assets > fonts > .ttf file and the .xml config file.
After applying the variant the default font is always applied.
Any idea?

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to Android development so I first want to thank you for this community!

I have started a black CM13 theme called BLACK PLAINTING.
Theming stuff is my full-time job so be prepare to many updates and more themes in a near future :)

I'm currently debugging the theme and it will be available on Google Play next week...
Black Painting already has all CMTE features, 22 apps are themed and Arcus is supported.

I'll also open a thread on XDA as soon as possible.
Stay tuned :)
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Is Arcus premium app work without root ?? I am using oneplus one CM13.1, please suggest me. May I purchase arcus premium ??

Not available liv dark theme in arcus, how to add that?

Any theme that lets you fully theme YouTube dark?? Thanks 

Arcus theme engine is supported to cm14 ..??
Plzz reply..

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Effortless-blue cm13

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Hi people,
This is a general update of life on my personal end. I've been hired by local insurance company for a time-based project (estimated time 1 year) as a part of their team that will be setting up the android front-end. This has been a great relief for me since I quit my job in clinical research. This opportunity ensures that I have a stable career and a strong foothold in the android professional community in our state. The income is not as per my expectations but it will help along with the little surplus I can earn with Typeface.

This also means means that I'll have less time to manage two active projects: Typeface and Arcus. Arcus as you all know will be stagnant unless someone pulls off implementing Cyanogen's Theme Engine in current ROMs (Highly unlikely, better yet, join the substratum community & just download a DU ROM, thank me later).
Regarding TypeFace, most of the base is rock solid but bug fixes will be released frequently along with new features. This is something I can manage.

To all those who have bought the in-app-purchases with Arcus and TypeFace, THANK YOU! You guys have helped me go through some difficult time. Not trying to be a cry baby...we all go through hard times in life, but I want you to know that your contribution made things manageable for me.

Also if you're still reading I'd like to share something for our fellow theme designers. Keep supporting themers, be nice to them. Want to share a negative feedback? Rate their work 5 stars for all the things they got right and share your feedback as a review/email whatever. This is the best form of encouragement you can give. Be logical. You're not entitled to anything. Ask/Request what you want, demanding things by rating 1 star just makes you another asshole. Don't be one.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!

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CMTE version of Compound is live guys. Enjoy!
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