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What makes public wi-fi vulnerable to attack and how-to stay safe:

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The threats are real out there.  Nerd Chick Adventures describes a typical use case for Hotspot ID.

Which new features would you like to see ?  I would like to hear from you all.

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Hotspot ID - Beta went public today.
Please give us your feedback here and rate us in the Play Store.

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Security risks related to use of FREE WiFi are real, mostly because you don't really know anything about the middleman you connect to.  With Hotspot ID we address exactly this issue.  The first step in good security is to know who you are dealing with.

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Good news.  All members of the Hotspot ID community now can become testers by following this link :
On this page you first opt in to become a Hotspot ID tester and after that you can download the app.  Once installed the Play Store will treat the app as any other and provide updates as per your Play Store settings.

The access right issues to the link above are resolved.  So no need to join the Google Group as announced previously.

TIPS for getting started with Hotspot ID.
It is really simple : Start Hotspot ID and it will start monitoring your WiFi connections.  That's it - really.

Once it's running Hotspot ID monitors your WiFi activity and (with the default settings) will automatically start the fingerprint process each time your device (phone or tablet) connects to a WiFi Access point.  The process will take about 15 seconds depending on your connection speed. When it is finished you will receive a notification in the message tray with the details of the fingerprint check and on the app display you will see the Trust Icons appear for all the AP in range which are already registered in the Hotspot ID database.

You may want to check the settings screen and make some adjustments.  But we recommend to leave it as is.

Optionally you can register and setup an account.  With an account (and when you are logged in), you can save APs to "My Places".  These AP then show up with a little yellow "flag man" icon next to them.  With an account you can also rate each AP you are connected to.

If you have questions you can post them here.
Happy fingerprinting.

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Hello members.  It seems the links posted on the "About this community" post are not displayed on mobile phones.  (Even Google doesn't get it right the first time :-))

Please use the link below to join our test group in the Google Playstore and follow the instructions.
Note : if you have a previous version of Hotspot ID already installed, I recommend you uninstall this before installing via the Playstore.

Have fun ! 

Welcome to the Hotspot ID test community.
Use the link above to opt-in for the test program in the Google Play store and download your very own Hotspot ID. 

Visit the Hotspot ID website :

I look forward to discuss many topics around Hotspot ID with you all.
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