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Quem tiver boca que fale, ouvidos que ouçam, mas principalmente; que os olhos leiam pois o mal está escrito, por aqui os três sentidos estão apurados.

Sejam Bem-vindos a comu, Otaku Sinistro [Versos & Poemas]
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Comparte con 3 comunidades o esto aparecerá en tu cama esta noche y se meterá por tu boca y pondrá huevos en tu garganta ๏︿๏

Pd. Mi amiga no lo compartio, y ahora esta en el hospital luchando por su vida, no ignores esto por favor (。ŏ_ŏ)

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alguém tem algum anime bom pra indicar????

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I like killing.
It gives me a chilling feeling.
I used to rip out a babies lungs
The blood poured put as he sung.
I used to capture girls
They had minds of a squirrel.
They liked to sing.
They sung as I tied them up.
They wouldnt stop singing.
So I gave them a cup.
It made them more calm.
I gave them shots on their palms.
It made their arms weak.
They were mine to keep.
One asked me a question.
I smiled happily.
But she asked sadly.
"Why are you doing this?"
Because god told me to take the risk.
I put tape over their mouth.
One wouldnt hold still.
So I decided to give her the pills.
Her eyes look beautiful when wet.
So I locked her in the freezer.
Where she froze up.
They were mad I chose her.
I sliced them up with a smile.
When I was done.
It looked like they couldnt run a single mile.
Some may ask.
"But what if I get neglect?"
Try it yourself.
No need for regrets.
If you want your loved ones to stay perfectly still.
All you have to do.
Is kill.


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