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Welcome fellow new members
I would like to say please expand this community I'm assured you'll love it here and will have a great time
Reason for Shimoneta pic LOVE THE ANIME

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Who do you think is more adorable, not just their appearance, but their personality too; Lena Oxton or Ruby Rose?
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Name: Izreldan

Age: Immortal, but over a quintillion

Gender: Male

Race: Riftmaster

Personality: Kind and friendly towards people he cares about, but monstrous and violent towards his enemies

Transformation (if any): None, but is known to give off large amounts of energy when angered

Weapons (if any): Claws: the armor he wears possesses claws in its gauntlets, these claws are made of an unknown indestructible metal that can cut through almost any substance. Blade of Izreldan: He wields a blade made of the same metal as his claws, however his blade is far more powerful, it can shoot beams of energy when swung and it can cut through almost any substance

Powers/Abilities/Skills/Special Moves: Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Flight, Invulnerability, Energy Projection, Healing Factor, Allsight, Teleportation, Healing and even Reviving Others, can absorb energy to increase power, strength is only limited by amount of energy absorbed, granting potential for infinite power

Likes: Other Heroes, his Wife +Clocky​​ , Protecting People

Dislikes: Villains, Anyone Who Insults His Wife, Innocent Death

eye color: Blue

hair color: Blue

height: 7'0

weight: 300 pounds without armor, 1000 with armor

family: Eppodan (Brother), Chirus (Brother), Hepadus (Brother), Arama (Sister), Infinados (Father), +Clocky​​ (Wife) 

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Name: Salvage Prime
Age: 17 appearance 170 actual age
Gender: Male
Appearance: without my hood I'm just an ugly teen
Outfits: Master Assassin, Oishio Yoshi Armor, Shogun, Kabuki, Tokyo Stealth
Race: Soul
Rank: Master Assassin
Affiliation: MLG, Soul Society (former), The Assassin Brotherhood of Japan
Weapon: Hidden Blades, MLG Sniper, Katana, Smoke Bombs, Rope Dart, and throwing knives
Powers/abilities: Natural Hellfire, Flame Aura, Teleportation, Fire Manipulation, and Throwing Money as a distraction
With Katana
Raitosupīdosurasshu (Lightspeed Slash): at a great speed, Salvage can Slash his opponents at a great speed

Fureimubureido (Flame Blade): With his fire abilities, Salvage lights his Katana on fire to enhance his Sword skills

Jigoku no daidokor (Hell's Kitchen, troll move): due to his MLG pro skills, Salvage gathers a bunch of random food and sticks them in his Katana Blade like a Kabob, lights it on fire to cook, and forces the opponent mouth to open and sticks the whole thing in the opponent's mouth

Ultimate Move, Harumagedon (Armageddon): Followed up by his rage, Salvage hits the opponent in the chest with the handle of the Katana, then stabs his opponent where he hit the opponent, removes the blade out of the hit point and sparks a small amount of fire that deals High Damage, the opponent does not dies just wounded

Bio: Former Soul Society Salvage left due to no one liking MLG pros. To the world he is seen as a mysterious teen who trolls online but is a serious fighter offline. He later got serious knowing the existence of Rukia Kuchiki because he developed a crush on her so he considered to rejoin The Society but there was something else. The Assassin Brotherhood was his place and joined. With his great skills he advanced to the next rank until he reached Master Assassin. He later started dating +Rukia Kuchiki Soul Reaper​​ but he has a duty to fulfill, to end The Templars Order.

Gamer Tag: xXx_StealURBitch_xXx
Age: XDDD3:
Gender: Dog
Pet Peeve: Hobos
Avatar (backup body): Scout Trooper
Favorite Quote: "I wanna be the very best, Like no one ever was". - Joseph Stalin
Likes: Doritos and Mountain Dew
Dislikes: Noobs, Haters
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starts playing the saxophone like a B0$$
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