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what it is.

Business Modeling is the analysis and modeling of processes, organizational systems, roles, responsibilities, interactions.

Serves to:

define and analyze the organization’s processes
handle the embedding or integrating separate organisational realities (mergers and acquisitions)
assess whether it is appropriate to outsource non-core activities (outsourcing)
clarify processes, roles, responsibilities, interactions, before you define the requirements for the development or the acquisition of a software system

For Business Modeling have been proposed and used different notations, but there is no one single standard recognized internationally.
It represent core aspects of a business, including purpose, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practices and operational processes. The business model is often used to determine whether a business idea is effective or not. The fact of writing on paper the idea of business is very important, writing your thoughts you can rationalize them further. In our minds every idea is brilliant, but in reality often doesn’t.
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