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Desexing cats helps them live longer and stops millions of abandon kittens starving and being put down.

Desexed Male cats do Not spray.

Anyone who has a Tom cat roaming around free outside is irresponsible and cruel. 
Desexing males is painless, (they're balls are gone so they don't hurt afterwards!) very small operation.
In US i heard of a group that promotes desexing strays and returning them to where they live afterwards, A great idea.

I Love cats and have adopted a Tom Cat before (best cat :), had him desexed and he never sprayed, Beautiful cat.

thank you for reading, i really love all cats, thats why i felt compelled to write this.
(I assume this community is about male cats spraying?, Or just cats peeing?) 
I don't know why people keep Tom cats without desexing them unless they are breeders (who are usually responsible, as they don't want they're pedigree roaming)
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