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Name-merashe mika
Likes-strawbarries flowers and shapes
Family-her triplet sisters jinx and shadow
Personality-bubbly kind sweet loyal
Looks-she's the last three pictures
Bio-is new

Name-shadow mika
Likes-the shadows and kittens and hats
Dislikes-fire light water
Species-shadow neko
Family-her triplet sisters merashe and jinx
Personality-shy sweet loyal
Looks-second three pictures
Bio-is new

Name-jinx mika
Likes-stealing and evesdroping
Dislikes-getting caught stealing
Species-jinx neko
Family-triplet sisters merashe and shadow
Personality-shy bubbly sweet fun mysterious mischievous
Looks-pink pigtails and teal blue eyes
Bio-shes new like her sisters and she's two weeks pregnant
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Name-sunako nakohara
Nickname-creepy girl
Likes-darkness creepy stuff kyohei skulls
Dislikes-the light
Fear-radiant people
Species-unknown ((looks human))
Family-the family of the harushi nakohara family
Personality-shy creepy modest mysterious
Bio-she is a 16 year old girl she lives with four guys and her aunt she lives in the dark and the shadows because of her past getting called ugly from a guy she liked now everyone chases her around because how creepy she is everyone runs around calling her ugly but the only one that calms her down is kyohei the one person she likes she has flash backs of when she was first called ugly
((Sorry I watched a new show called wallflower and that's sunako))
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Name:  Jackie Estacado
Age: 21
Gender:  male
Race/Species:  Simply human
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Powers:  The Darkness
Bio: On the eve of his 21st birthday, Jackie was targeted for assassination by the don of the New York mafia, "Uncle" Paulie. He finds his body possessed by "the Darkness" a malevolent spirit that has inhabited his family for several generations, with the benefit of Jackie gaining supernatural powers that feeds off the dark. Using these dark powers, Jackie is able to survive further assassination attempts and track down Paulie, but not before Paulie and the corrupt police chief, Eddie Shrote, kidnap Jackie's girlfriend, Jenny. They took her to the orphanage where Jackie and Jenny grew up, and then they murder her and escape.

Unable to stop them due to the Darkness deliberately restraining him and forcing him to watch her die, he commits suicide out of sheer emotional stress. He finds himself in the Otherworld , the realm of the Darkness with patchwork undead beings in World War I outfits fighting each other, and physical manifestations of the Four Horsemen. He meets his great-great-grandfather Anthony Estacado , who admits that it was he that brought the Darkness into the family, and tells Jackie how to free himself of the Darkness by invading the castle in the Otherworld and facing the Darkness there. Jackie is interrupted in his journey through the Otherworld and brought back to the living.

Once he recovers, he determines that he must dispose of Chief Shrote before he can face Paulie. Chasing Shrote to his apartment and then confiscating a briefcase containing illicit goods in Shrote's ownership and rigging it with an explosive, Jackie is able to lure Shrote out of hiding, but he is shortly captured. After overhearing about a shipment of drugs that a Chicago mob is entrusting to Paulie to handle, Jackie triggers the explosive, killing Shrote and his men along with himself. Jackie re-awakes in the Otherworld, and lays siege to the Darkness's castle with Anthony's help. Anthony is mortally wounded in the attack, but before he can tell Jackie the last steps needed to free himself from the Darkness, the spirit pulls him away.

Jackie faces the Darkness and surprises it by willingly being taken by the Darkness's power, allowing him to fully control the spirit back in the real world, however the Darkness tells him that while he has control now, each time Jackie takes a life, he will become more consumed by the Darkness. He lays an assault on the drug shipment, causing Paulie to flee to the safety of a lighthouse mansion for fear of retribution from the Chicago mob. Jackie takes advantage of a solar eclipse to raid the mansion and finally kill Paulie. The Darkness revels in Jackie's murderous spree, and fully envelops Jackie.

In the epilogue, Jackie finds himself in a dream in a park, lying on a bench in Jenny's arms. Jenny explains that they are only allowed a few minutes to be together one last time to say goodbye. Jackie tries to ask how, but Jenny just quiets him, allowing them to enjoy the last moments together before Jackie wakes back up with the screen fading to black.

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name-navine michaelis
likes-foxes and music 
species-half fox half vampire (daywalker) half demon
personality-shy sweet kind clumsy innocent 
ability-ice powers
scar and body mark-a heart shape ice mark on her cheek
bio-a secret will tell later

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Name: Noemadian Gorlan Triganomy
Nickname: Noemad
Titles: Arch-mage of Kilinjorn, Master of Death
Race: Half Dark-Elven
Age: Human:54 Elven:20
Bio: Noemad was born in the land of Kilinjorn. He was born on the night of the Blood moon, the most cursed night of all. His Human Mother died in childbirth. His Dark-Elven Father raised Noemad and taught him the magical arts. His Father taught him the bare minimum due to the fact that Noemad was very good at the magical arts. This scared Noemad’s Father. When Noemadian found out that his Father was holding out on him he became very angry. His killed his Father and then proceeded to read his Fathers spellbook. The knowledge he learned made him realize that the Magical arts have no boundaries. He then joined the local Mages Guild to learn more. The teacher realized quite fast that there was nothing he could teach Noemadian. So he sent Noemadian the Mages Guild of Kilinjorn. Noemadian realized he liked the Dark arts the most and so he donned the Black Robes of Evil. He quickly learned all of the spells involving Destruction and Death. He soon became Arch-mage of Kilinjorn.
Personality: He is a mocking individual. He is always sure of his actions. He also has a sense of superiority. He is cruel, commanding and quick-witted.
Ability:He has the ability to cast all spells involving Destruction and Death.
Appearance: He is a tall very slim person. He wears Black Arch-Mage Robes of Magic Resistance. His eyes are the shape of skulls.

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Name: Poet
Nickname: Tobi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Bio: As a small boy he lived in a run down village that had no rule over it (so basically the slums of any major city). His mother, father, and sister were killed in a fire that was started by a rogue, as the rogue tried to get away and he cut Kotobaro with his Dirk. Kotobaro now lives in a shack he found and then called home. Self-taught stealth fighter.
Personality: Cool, collective, dark, vengeful. 
Ability: Shadow travel, able to move with in any shadow no matter how big or small it is.
Markings: A scar vertically going through his right eye.

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Name: Felix Fujimura
Nickname: Fifi
age: 18
Bio: Has lived a sheltered life with a flying turtle as his only friend. Because of this, he doesn't understand many things. He can talk to this turtle. Self-taught martial artist, so his fighting style is unconventional.
Ability: Turtle Communication and command
Scars: none

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Name james
Nickname: blade
Age 16
Gender: male
Background story: he was a demon that didn't like humans but he had to deal with they tell he broke three bullys arms for attacking someone then he was sent here
Abilities: summon a familiar to help him, able to us dark and light magic from ancestors
Tattoo on his left eye and scars on hos back
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