Hello guys, I was wondering does anyone have any experience on promoting VAS (Value Added Services) over Google Adwords, I'm not quite sure wether to try it on Adwords or to continue on DSP platforms?

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Hello All!

Motion designer / Video editor needed to 7 slides animation for youtube display advert (30s)

please recommend me someone

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অফিসে আসলে বিভিন্ন সময় বিভিন্ন কারনে ঘুম আসতে পারে। এই ব্লগ পোস্টে আমরা ৬ টি উপায় নিয়ে আলোচনা করেছি কিভাবে আপনি কাজের সময় জেগে থাকতে পারেন। বিস্তারিত এখানে...


#কাজের_সময়_জেগে_থাকা   #কাজের_সময়_জেগে_থাকার_উপায়   #জেগে_থাকার_উপায়   #এসইও  

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Hello Guys,
We've launched our audit tool that can create you Adwords Audit in less than 60 seconds. Any suggestion for improvement it's great!

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Hello all,
I have noticed to Google Help for Adwords
that the vCPM and CPC bids may compete
at the Google Display Network for the same
ad placement.
I was wondering about the number of ad placements that Google has
on its disposal on the Display Network
in comparison to the number of ad placement on the Search Network,
and if the above competition, between vCPM and CPC bid, can affect
the cost of advertising to marketers who prefer a CPC bid in both
Search and Display Network, compared to the vCPM bid only
in the  Display Network. 
In other words how the above competition can affect the cost for
marketers ?

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Finally put up my SMX Advanced presentation on the recent changes in Paid Search. Special thanks to +Matt Van Wagner for moderating.

As the moderator I am working to lower the amount of spam in our community. Please let me know if you see someone spamming to sell their services so that they can be removed.

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A post about the new data-driven model (french) currently in beta

Just sharing! I've been handling a new account for weeks now with no conversions. :( but yesterday, I changed every keyword to BBM. and today, we got 20 conversions. Works like magic.

Hello to All Adwords Experts!

I want to know your strategies to make shopping campaigns better. I mean, suppose you are managing an adwords shopping campaigns with 10000 of products. You have set manual CPC enhanced option. You have all products with unique descriptions and skus. Each product has perfect image with zoom in feature. Moreover, your website is SEO and mobile friendly with good layout, design, navigation and search option.

Of course, not all products will convert. Let's say after 7 months of running, you still can't figure out which products are bringing the most sales. You have tested several things like breaking out the converted products and increase their bids, break down the products based on their brands/Product ID/product type, or you have set good bids for these products.... But still your ROI is not even close to break even.
You have also tried search campaigns for these products and display campaigns too! But none of the campaigns are bringing out desired conversions.

You are getting roughly 7 conversions/sales in a month from these 10000 products! Your daily budget let's say $250! In this scenario, how can you increase conversion rate? Let's say current conversion rate is 0.09% only!
Waiting to hear some brain storming thoughts!
#adwordsexpert #adwords  
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