The only reason why I joined this was to say this to the creator:

Go fuck yourself in the head and get a life. Fundir Broe is gay scrub nowadays and he hate false UTTP members. And this is why I was an immature AUTTP brat back in 2016. Fuck this community. It sucks. And it should burn in hell.

Alright. I'm done here.

I'm out

Looks Like I Was In Community For 10 Months...
I'm Out Of This Shit.
Because He Is Gay Scrub And His Other Account Is Quer Man 10 Nowadays

This sucks. My actions from the past can be seen here, I'm giving up with these nonsense for now.

I don't wanna be here anymore. My past is fucked up because of this.

Why would I been here in the first place? This is fucked up now. Left this community.

I don't wanna to be on Wars, just like the community you've created of users.

Grow the fuck up. You shouldn't invite me here anymore, we're not a part of the YouTube wars anymore.

This is bullshit. I'm asked to leave this community.

This community sucks. Burn that stupid community on fire.

Alright, that's it. I'm done.
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