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LG 29UM69G-B UltraWide (21:9) Gaming Monitor

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Our personal fandesign solution for the Corsair 570X Crystal shroud.

Available in black, white or matt white.

Check it out

Thanks :)
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Investing in corsair technology is a quixotic thing to do!!!

Most of the #corsair products fail prematurely. And their warranty service is a complete failure!!! Do not invest into their technology, you WILL be disappointed when it comes to warranty.

Does anyone know why Corsair cant maintain my lighting effects while my computer is locked?

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My computer was closed for exactly three whole years!

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My story about Corsair neglecting my issue for 2 years while having open Support ticket for 2 years.

Here comes a story about a Corsair ticket that has been open since 2015/2016. and CORSAIR unprofessional support.
I purchased Vengeance K90 for almost 165 euro and it developed double press issue on multiple keys. This was in 2014/2015.
When I finally got RMA approved, I was offered a cheaper model K70 and I lost a good deal of money there. I was under the impression that new K70 has 1 year warranty since I got it on 11th of March 2015., but alas, I was proven wrong.
The K70 got the same issue again - double key press issue. Your RMA support told me that The replacement would have just continued with the warranty from the original unit and that there is nothing you can do, even though I got faulty keyboard two times in a row. This was in 2016. January. The ticket remained open.
I decided to contact CORSAIR via Facebook and I did this, explaining my problem on 18th of January, 2016. You answered back and asked for my ticket number, never to reply back, even though I contacted you a couple of more times.
Flash foward to 2017. the ticket is still open, because of your new system it changed date to 04.07. #547725. I contact you again, via your support web. Arturo TS tells me that NOW the item is outside warranty, after you've avoided my issue for 2 year. Amazing business practice! :)
To recap it for you:
- I bought 165 euro K90 keyboard in Croatia, got double press issue
- You sorted it by giving me K70 which was way cheaper
- The K70 developed same issue as K90
- Your support told me that warranty is no loger valid
- This ticket is open from 2016. I contacted your guys on Facebook
- After contacting you guys on Facebook, you told me 'send us your ticket number,' which I did
- You never replied me back
- 2017. the ticket is still open and reply is that NOW the item is outside of the waarenty.
I have never seen this level of unprofesionalism. Not only you've given me a cheaper model as a replacement, but when it got same KNOWN error, you began a cycle of 2 years of avoiding my open ticket.
Amazing, 2 years of an open ticket, 2 years of avoiding a customer. If I behaved like this in IT where I work, I'd get fired a long long time ago.

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Hello all im new here. I had recently made this build for my wife in this corsair crystal series case, its the 570x. I7 7700k , evga gtx 1080 ftw , asus rog maximus ix code mobo , corsair vengeance rgb 3000mhz ddr4 , corsair h100i v2 aio , and corsair cx 750 psu . 
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check out my review of the Corsair K70 rgb lux gaming keyboard

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