Great app for Professionals as well as for Beginners

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I have called Customer Support SEVERAL times and EACH time they have been extremely helpful and patient! I think I'm 'good to go' for awhile...ha...but I KNOW that I can call at ANYTIME if/when I have questions or need anything. Great Service - Extraordinary Customer Service!!

Love what it does for us in connecting with our clients! We can be anywhere and still connect with each individual that reaches out to us.

We use Grasshopper for our department at my work, and it works well for our needs. The app, on the other hand, is rough. Something that we need to do fairly frequently while on the road is manage our forwarding settings, and this rarely works on the app. When checking/unchecking a number, it spins for a second and then just reverts to whatever the setting was before. Looks like the last update was back in April. Is this something that is actively being worked on/

Is it possible to have the app allow incoming calls be added to my phone's contact list? I need to be able to add names and save phone numbers to my contact list so i can call people back. 

My company would like to Brand the App (change Icon etc) To match our corp environment. Is this possible, or, if it will be?

Samsung Note 3 10.1 2014 Tablet is Not Supported (APP STORE) When will the App be functional?

Sorry to be a pain, guys, but my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 just got it's new Android OS update last night (KitKat) and now the Grasshopper App doesn't work correctly.

I did uninstall it and re-install it, but rather than dial the number for me, it simply acts as if I dialed into the 888 number to make a call and I now have to manually enter the phone number I am trying to call.

Help!  ;-)

Hey Grasshopper Folks,

It's been a awhile since we've had an update on the Android app...What's going on with it?  Are any of the suggestions that have been submitted going to be added anytime soon?

Please update us!  Thanks
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