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Second part of my new series called Test Of Faith,
where I play competitive CS:GO towards a rank! 
Playing on the map Cache, and the game gets pretty
exciting-defusing with 0.4 seconds left!

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I can't get enough of using that rocket launcher, 
even in close quarters! But as soon as I enter the vents
I forget everything when I meet...Alma!
F.E.A.R Extraction Point #7

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Here's the six new classes in the upcoming game 
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2!
Played on the Xbox One during the beta!
A lot of fun awaitens us!

Wanna watch more?

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Heads will roll! Chris follows the stranger to check out
how Josh is doing, but instead they meet the fear that is living in the 
The madness continues in Until Dawn #17!

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CS GO: A Road To Rankings - Test Of Faith #1!
The first episode in a new series where I'm climbing
the ladder towards a rank in Counter Strike Global Offensive!
Happy moments, funny moments but also sad moments-testing my faith...

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New CS:GO Series On My Channel!
I am finally starting to play competitive
in Counter Strike Global Offensive in order to get
that rank I've been waiting for!

This is my channel:
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