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Join this Google+ Community - - then navigate to and follow the instructions to download the Beta version of Interval Recognition (Donate) from Google Play

Version 4.04 of Interval Recognition now on Google Play - some bug fixes and 7 more songs.

Fixed an occasional crash when showing Contextual Help / What's New - I couldn't reproduce the crash but it should now display the 'Home' Contextual Help page instead of crashing.

Fixed a crash when using very low notes

New Beta of Interval Recognition (and Donate) released - plus staged roll-out - version 4.02.

Added more modes and scales.

The transposition of the 2nd note in Tuning questions can be random rather than fixed.

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the first button to hide / show after each question.

Reduced delay when using the HQ piano sound.

New Beta of Interval Recognition Donate released - version 3.96. 

Questions can be based on specific notes with specific intervals or a Mode / Scale with specific intervals.

Select the root note of a mode or scale for phrases.

Optional ding between questions in Continuous Play.

Bug fixes and UI improvements.

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I recently published a new video (please share!) demonstrating the features of Interval Recognition.  It may also help as a tutorial as there is a lot of options!

New update coming soon - questions based on both selected notes and selected intervals, more modes / scales, more songs - and more!

New Beta of Interval Recognition Donate.  Playing samples should work a lot better now.  Its probably still not perfect - so please let me know how you get on :-)

Interval Recognition (Donate) v3.77 beta - just released:

Option to use sampled piano in all techniques except for Tuning.  Its still a bit buggy and may not play all / any of the notes each time.  

Interval play and listen type of ascending then descending / descending then ascending.  

Optional up to 1 second pause after a question being answered correctly playing ding (if present), pause then next question. 

New beta released of Interval Recognition (Donate) released - tests playing sampled audio instead of midi.  Press Menu->Play Audio.  It will play a chromatic scale - middle C to B.  Each note lasts approx 400ms and fades out over another 400ms.  It then plays a C major triad.  Please let me know if it plays as described and your thoughts on sound quality / volume etc.

Interval Recognition is now available for Chrome OS.  If you have a Chrome Book please let me know if the app runs OK as I don't have a real device to try it on -

Interval Recognition (Donate) version 3.74 released to beta testers:
Improved What's New dialog + added links.
Improved layout of Select Notes screen.
Added 2 songs.
Say Sharp or Flat for tuning in Continuous Play.
Bug fixes
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