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New version of Interval Recognition released to staged rollout and beta - added Chord Exercises with different inversions and voicings. Plus - improved the HQ piano sound - it shouldn't miss out notes so much now... Also changed the text colour on lists to white so it shows up better on the dark background. Finally began preparing the app for translation - please contact me if you can help with translation.
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Interval Recognition 4.09 released:
Perfect Pitch exercises can optionally be based on Selected Notes.
2 new songs
Bug fixes
Added privacy policy (yay!)

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New version of Interval Recognition released - 9 more songs, better layouts and icons show up better on Action Bar!

Version 4.04 of Interval Recognition now on Google Play - some bug fixes and 7 more songs.

Fixed an occasional crash when showing Contextual Help / What's New - I couldn't reproduce the crash but it should now display the 'Home' Contextual Help page instead of crashing.

Fixed a crash when using very low notes

New Beta of Interval Recognition (and Donate) released - plus staged roll-out - version 4.02.

Added more modes and scales.

The transposition of the 2nd note in Tuning questions can be random rather than fixed.

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the first button to hide / show after each question.

Reduced delay when using the HQ piano sound.

New Beta of Interval Recognition Donate released - version 3.96. 

Questions can be based on specific notes with specific intervals or a Mode / Scale with specific intervals.

Select the root note of a mode or scale for phrases.

Optional ding between questions in Continuous Play.

Bug fixes and UI improvements.

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I recently published a new video (please share!) demonstrating the features of Interval Recognition.  It may also help as a tutorial as there is a lot of options!

New update coming soon - questions based on both selected notes and selected intervals, more modes / scales, more songs - and more!

New Beta of Interval Recognition Donate.  Playing samples should work a lot better now.  Its probably still not perfect - so please let me know how you get on :-)

Interval Recognition (Donate) v3.77 beta - just released:

Option to use sampled piano in all techniques except for Tuning.  Its still a bit buggy and may not play all / any of the notes each time.  

Interval play and listen type of ascending then descending / descending then ascending.  

Optional up to 1 second pause after a question being answered correctly playing ding (if present), pause then next question. 

New beta released of Interval Recognition (Donate) released - tests playing sampled audio instead of midi.  Press Menu->Play Audio.  It will play a chromatic scale - middle C to B.  Each note lasts approx 400ms and fades out over another 400ms.  It then plays a C major triad.  Please let me know if it plays as described and your thoughts on sound quality / volume etc.
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