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Had a great time in Bear Lake over the 4th of July. What did the rest of you do?

With Don now in a better place and watching over all we do, do we want to re purpose this page, remove it, or something else?  If someone is interested in moderation or ownership we can look at those options as well.  Thoughts?

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Oops, here's the pictures.
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Today was one of those days that if given a choice, I would have chosen for it to be drier. Me and my wife are up in Northern Idaho with our tandem bicycle. We were totally rained out yesterday. Today we ventured out since the weather report was showing promise of drier conditions. Not the 'ideal' dry day. I am reminded that there are times when one has to make the best of what we are faced with. Well I was with good company and we were able to experience good scenery. In the end, could we really ask for more?

I was reminded of Don, he exemplified making the best of things given the circumstances. Need to hang on to the memories we all have in knowing Don.

Sharing some pictures. They don't really so any justice of what we saw/experienced today.

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Thought I'd share this photo of Don and I when we took a trip to Alaska about 12 years ago. We chartered a seaplane and went to Misty Fjords National Park where we landed on a remote lake. Those of you who knew of his passion for the outdoors can only imagine how much he loved this! 

The viewing for Don is this sat morning at 10:30a to 12p.
Funeral starts at 12:30p.
Church at 507 west 700 north in American Fork.
He will be buried in the American Fork cemetery.
There will be a link for the obituary posted once it is completed.

Don's sister Valerie posted this on FB tonight. Thought I'd pass it along. 

I write this message with a heavy heart.  Don meant a lot to me, my staff, and the employees he worked with in his near 35 years of service at GSTC.  Don valued his service to the Forest Service greatly.  I think Don’s fight for what he believed in, what he valued, is what I will miss most and it is a lesson he passed on to all of us.  Even in his last days he was fighting to ensure he had a copy of his work preserved from his laptop computer.  I affectionately called him a bulldog for his persistence.  With his tenacity he could bring around the biggest challenger, even ESRI.

Behind his bulldog front, Don was caring, valued each and every one of his coworkers and friends.  Don was also very proud of his service and  accomplishments over the years.  He truly was the history of the transition from manual to digital cartography.    I knew little of the details behind Don’s work, but I know he was the right person for the job and if he couldn't accomplish something it wasn't meant to be.  I miss him greatly…  :'(

Don. passed away peacefully this morning about 1:30. You have all been a wonderful support to him and I know he would want me to tell you thank you. 

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Here's an abbreviated sampling of pictures taken last night. Great night to take a hike.  I'll leave it up to others to critique and/or make comments.
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Thought you might like to see a few pictures of Bryce canyon.  Beautiful place.
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