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Apparently Google has once again mucked with something so events no longer can be sent to communities.


So, how would you like to be notified of upcoming meetings for CHC?
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Post regular notices in the community
Find another way to schedule

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Raise your hand if you still check this group.

Quick note: Dale is now working over at the Biggby on 13 mile and John R.

Planning on being at B&L tomorrow for early CHC. Anyone else up for heading on out?

Thinking of taking on a learning challenge for June. It's either between Lisp or 6502 assembly. Anyone want to join me in learning something new in June?

So what projects are folks planning on working on for 2015?

Please feel free to invite other folks and share the community. Hopefully this will get CHC events on folks calendars so they'll remember to show up. :)
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