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Please take a minute and help us to put our focus on the right track!

Choose the most important next feature for Photo Mate R3 in your opinion.
Do you have an idea that is not listed? Please share it in the comments!
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Whitebalance per Layer
Advanced File-Manager
Editing-Speed Improvements
A Focus-Point indicator in editing

Hello Photo Mates. I tried Photomate for the first time. It looked very promising! So I installed R3 for a 24h triaL. The first version crashed immediately after opening. So I waited for the next update. That version crashed immediately using the crop tool. I edited a picture, but when I wanted to import the xmp-file into LR, the 24 trial hours were past. Game over! (I had to work and sleep too you know).
I managed to get the edited picture (orf-file) and xmp-file and imported in LR. The picture showed corrupted in LR, and could not be opened. I took a copy of the same picture (same filename), but LR showed no edits or labels at all.
I am really sorry to report that I am very disappointed. 24 hours is too short to test and find out if the app is usefull in my workflow and worth buying.

Hi all,

I have a question for the whole Photo Mate community. What current Android tablet do you think is best for using Photo Mate? I like the 16:9 aspect ratio, 32GB of storage, and full size SD card slot (in detachable keyboard) in my old ASUS TF201, but it s performance is poor (2011 model, limited RAM). What tablets do YOU like?

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Here is a screenshot showing the strange histogram.

I just upgraded to 3.5 and all of a sudden all of the raw files from a project I just finished have taken on an extreme magenta shade when I open them for editing, recalibrating the white balance with the button with the exclamation mark on it seems to fix it, but if I close the file and re open it, it has gone back to magenta again. All my older raws are fine and open true to color, but the ones from my recent project keep opening up as magenta. The files that open as magenta have an obviously different histogram, which goes back to normal when I recalibrate the white balance to bring them back to their proper color. But as soon as I close and re open one of the affected files it goes back to magenta again.
Is this a bug in the new version, and why is it only happening with the files from this one project? I'm using a fujifilm x-a1 camera, and I upgraded it to the latest firmware before my shoot for this project, could that be the issue? Though the raws behaved normally when I was using photo mate 3.4. I'm running the software on a Samsung note 10.1 2014 edition tablet

I'm just starting out with this app and I can't for the life of me succesfully export a photo that I've edited.

I'm using a brand new samsung galaxy tab s 10 .5 and my camera is a brand new Olympus OMD EM10. I can get the raw photo onto my tablet and open the photo in Photo Mate r2. I can make the edits I want and I can click "Save File As." Then I guess I get lost in all the options. I click "Other Folder" and "Choose Directory" and "Andriod File Chooser." I choose the folder I want it to save to and try to "Start." Then either it doesn't do anything or it saves a file in the folder I chose that is just a gray square with a "unable to find application to perform this action" error message.

I'd appreciate any help. I'm new to Android and new to apps and new to using any photo software that isn't Adobe!

Have an issue since the last updates I've no access to my NAS. Furthermore PM can delete files but no folder!?

Please fix this or add a feature. It is anoying and local space is mostly limited on phones or Tablet pc...

Thanks in advance



I have opened a ticket with a problem, but no response in several days, and I'm running out of time.  Thought I'd try to get an answer here.

I have Photo Mate R2 installed on my wife's Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (Android 4.4.2), and it works just fine importing photos from her DSLR (Canon 7D).  We have made the appropriate changes to enable putting these on the MicroSD card, setting it to import to the android/data/com.tssystems.photomate2 folder, etc.

I recommended this setup, and your app, to a friend, with the same exact hardware.  He is using a Canon 5D Mark II.  We have configured it the same exact way that we have my wife's set up, with the same folder created on the same MicroSD card as my wife's.  When they go to Camera Import, the camera is recognized, the appropriate folder and images are recognized, but when the Start Import button is pressed, after a split-second, he is returned to the home screen of Photo Mate R2, and none of the images have been imported.

I can successfully copy/paste using the Tablet's native File Manager, so there is nothing wrong with the camera, the camera's storage card, the Tablet's MicroSD card, etc.

But something seems to be crashing the Camera Import function in PMR2 on their Tablet, and I can't figure out why this is happening.

I am able to use Camera Import to copy files to the Tablet's Internal Memory, but it still won't copy to the proper folder on the MicroSD card.  I triple-checked the spelling, and verified that the recommended folder is chosen, but the import function just crashes, and returns to the home screen of PMR2.

My friend leaves on a trip in a week or so, and I need to get this figured out and fixed, so any help greatly appreciated.


Hi - Photo Mate works brilliantly with my Panasonic CM1. However, there is no lens profile, and Photo Mate doesn't use the 'baked in' lens corrections that Panasonic must apply to the raw files, resulting in extremely heavy distortion and vignetting. (For example, when I open the raws in Photoshop, the distortion corrections are applied automatically).

I wonder if there are any plans to create a lens profile, and also if this is something I might be able to help with if you need someone with access to the device?

Because Photo Mate is the only android raw editor that will really work with the CM1, and now that the phone is getting released in new territories around the world, this might be a question you will keep getting asked about!!!

Many thanks! Gareth

Hello, great application !
So far I can do what I want with it. I still have trouble with the exportation of title, description and keywords.
Photo Mate R2 sees them in the exported files but onces uploaded on my website they don't show up.
I guess that's because they are stored in the xmp descriptors rather than in the iptc ones.
If it is the case it would be great to update the iptc fields as well.
King regards
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