For those who have pointed out that Android 18 can't absorb energy

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Ever wanted to know the full name of the host of Death Battle?

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What do y'all think of this?

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damn caillou vs bonnie vs lil bill and big mac is lit
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Who wins? 
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The radio star

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So I know that season 5 just started, but who should fight composite Jack?
Power: Mountain+
Speed: FTL+
Durability: ??? (Survived a fall from space, not too sure where that puts him, I did a calc but the number didn't look right so I will try to look more into this)

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Next Time On Brawl Beat Down (My Fighting Series)

A Battle Between The Undead Skeleton Like Creatures

Episode 6: Scorpion vs Sans

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Disclaimer: This Show Is Mainly Just My Opinion and Is not a fact. So I would really appreciate it if you didn't rage because the character that you liked and we're rooting for lost. This is Just my opinion and I Hope You enjoy!

Brawl Beat Down: Episode 4

Bowser (Mario) vs Giratina (Pokemon)

Hello everyone and welcome to Brawl Beat Down. Today's fight is going to be a demonic devil like battle Between the king of the koopas Bowser And The Renegade Pokemon Giratina! To make the battle more fair this will be composite bowser Bowser has every feat every ability every power and every weapon. With that being said lets introduce Brake Beat Down's:

Fourth Round Of Fighters!

Name: Bowser (Full Name Is Bowser Koopa)
Age: Around 35 to 40 (Composite Is 55 To 60)
Gender: Male
Height: 9'3"
Weight: 2,600 lbs
Species: Koopa (A Turtle Like Being)

Bowser is the main antagonist of the Super Mario Games With the main protagonist Mario being his arch nemesis. Hes a arrogant and strong Koopa that Always tries to capture Princess Peach to bring to his Castle. Bowser Always dreamed of taking over the mushroom kingdom because of his Terrible childhood. For this battle We'll be using Composite Bowser with everything in his arsenal.

Powers And Abilities:

•Fire Breathing

•Super Strength And Durability

•Shell Spin


•Shape Shifting

•Size Manipulation

•Army Of Goombas And Koopas

•Army Of Hammer Bros And Dry Bones

Bowser has many abilities thanks to it being a composite version being able to turn invisible summon his army of minions, shape shift, grow or shrink in size, breath fire, and attack with his shell. He is very bulky and Very heavy mostly outweighing the heavy weights in Mario like wario and Donkey Kong 

Weapons and Items:


•Koopa Shells

•Bomb Ombs

•Spiked Balls

•Spike Cannon

•Mecha Koopas

•Dream Stone

•Nightmare Stone

•Power Star

•Star Rod

•Koopa Clown Car

Bowser arsenal is very huge and diverse. He can throw weapons like hammers Mecha Koopa and spike balls bomb bombs and koopa shells. All stored in the Koopa clown car a aerial vehicle that bowser can fly in. but Bowsers most powerful Weapons are the nightmare stone the dream stone and the star rod.
The star rod can let bowser perform high tier reality warping and the nightmare stone can turn bowser into nightmare bowser. In this form bowser can reality warp, mind control, and warp space and time. However his dream stone is without a doubt Is the best weapon in his arsenal. In Dreamy form bowser can pretty much ALMOST do Anything.


•Gives Mario and Luigi A Run For Their Money

•Constantly Lifts Castles

•Survived a Black Hole

•Survived A Supernova

•Survived A Meteor

Overall: Bowser is a very durable and strong turtle with strong abilities and strength. And with all of his arsenal he had the opportunity to Do High Tier Reality Warping

Now let's move On To The Pokemon Incarnation Of The Devil

Name: Giratina
Age: Over Ten Thousand Years Old
Weight: 1,653.5 lbs
Height: 14' 9.2"
Gender: Genderless
Species: Pokemon (Renegade Pokemon; Most Likely Based On The Devil)

Giratina Is Part Of The Creation Trio of Pokemon created by arceus. He is the one who crated the anti matter in the Pokemon universe and represents one of the four types of matter Being Gas. He with Palkia and Diagla helped creating the pokemon universe with arceus. Giratina had his own evil intentions however. Arceus figured them out and punished Giratina By sending him to the distortion world where Giratina seeks revenge on arceus


•Shadow Ball
•Dragon Pulse
•Draco Meteor
•Phantom Force
•Shadow Sneak
•Thunder Wave
•Wil O Wisp
•Shadow Claw
•Dragon Claw
•Energy Ball
•Dark Pulse
•Dragon Tail
•Ominous Wind
•Calm Mind
•Aqua Tail
•Destiny Bond
•Icy Wind
•Giga Impact

Yeah the big guy has a large arsenal. Giratinas stats are very balanced having incredible defenses and average special and physical attack along with decent speed and this thing is a beast. However it isn't even in its final form. Thats right in this battle Giratina will be holding the Griseous Orb which Giratina can enable at anytime in the battle turning itself into Origin Giratina, It's final form

Origin Giratina:

•Stats are reversed with attack and special attack becoming defense and special defense when In Origin Form

•Gains Massive Special and Physical attack with the same bulky HP

•Gets a boost to ghost and dragon type moves

•Is Immune to physical attacks

•More agile

When in origin form Giratina becomes a metal canon. Has the power or a glass cannon but has the defense of a giant Goliath. Making Giratina very deadly. However he does have his fair share of feats and weaknesses


•Has defeated Palkia and Diagla Back to back in his normal form with ease

•Origin form can stalemate with arceus

•has one of the widest move pool of any Pokemon

•Has a ultimate form to make him a absolute Goliath

•Defeated Heatran Shaymin and Manaphy in his base form

•Has defeated a giant group of Shinnoh Pokemon including Infernape and Garchomp, Pokemon that stand up to the likes of mewtwo and Darkrai

•origin form is One of the top three most powerful pokemon (excluding primal forms and mega evolutions)


•Isnt dumb, but also doesn't think too much when entering a battle

•Has lost to arceus multiple time

•Couldn't get away with his sinister plan

•almost never comes up with a different plan

Overall: Giratina Is one of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist with its incredible defenses and incredible offenses. It has a ultimate form that grants more power to ghost and dragon type attacks and has defeated the likes of infernape, Garchomp, Shaymin, Manaphy, heatran, and even Palkia and Diagla.

All right the combatants are set. The home field advantage will go to Giratina taking place in Lumiose City And Will move to the distortion world

Let the battle between The Renegade Pokemon and The King Koopa Begin!

(In Lumiose City)

You see A bunch of people walking around peacefully

( Plays Until 0:20)

A rip through the air opens and Giratina is seen flying from it and lands

Giratina: ROAR!!!!!

Random people then start screaming and running

Giratina then uses a simple flamethrower and it destroys the whole city killing all the people there

Giratina: GI-RA-TINA!!!!!!

In the air Bowser is then seen in his Koopa clown car with Kamek right next to him

Kamek: Lord Bowser the enemy is here. Research shows hes one of the most powerful Pokemon to ever exist! Be careful!

Bowser: Yeah yeah whatever. Ill take care of him if it means he'll stop destroying all the people I'm trying to capture with his presence as he flies through the mushroom kingdom every once in a while

Bowser then lands on the ground

Bowser: Hey You! Listen, If you stop Going through the mushroom Kingdom then no harm will be made. But if you want to continue then I'll make sure you'll pay for it! Well that'll be it. See you, I'm off

Bowser then turns and walks around but then Giratina turns a little but not fully as he makes a invisible wall

Bowser then runs into the wall

Bowser: Gah....hey! What's your problem? If you want to fight then I'll be happy t-

Giratina: You talk way too damn much. (Shoots a shadow ball as the area explodes but Bowsers shell protects him)

Bowser: How are you taking?!

Energy then starts flowing through Giratinas claws

Giratina: I've lost my patience. You'll be dead before you know it know

Bowser then sharpens his claws. Bowser: Bring it on then!


Bowser then runs at Giratina to slash him with his class but they barely do anything. Bowser then continuously starts scratching as Giratina eventually gets bored and slashes bowser with his charged shadow claw sending him into a building

Giratina: Pathetic

Giratina starts to walk away Until he gets hit by a fire ball and Giratina didn't even feel it

Bowser then gets mad and turns invisible as he uses his magic to increase his strength

Giratina is then Levitating away until it gets hit by something in the front then back then back and forth both front and back

Giratina: Enough!

Giratina then let's out a ominous wind and blows bowser away making his Invisibility wear out as Giratina then gets a boost to all it's stats

Giratina then starts speeding through bowser as bowser just sees blurs. Giratina then let out a dragon claw making Bowsers head go down and Giratina then teleports in front of bowser and uses dragon tail to slap bowser into prism tower. Bowser then uses his super strength to rip the lightning source out and flames it using his fire breath and jumps out as he now has his own weapon

Giratina then uses energy ball but bowser slashes it with his weapon and then throws it as it stabs right through Giratina

Giratina: TINA!!!!!

Bowser: ha! Now you're dead!

Bowser then summons his goombas koopas, dry bones, and hammer bros and gives them spike balls and bomb ombs as they start running to the weakened Giratina hitting it with everything they've got making a big explosion.

However through all the smoke all you see Giratina thunderbolting a Bunch of goombas and koopas and then using dragon pulse to clear through all the hammer bros and dry bones as the explosion did nothing to it

Giratina: You're gonna need more than that to beat me

Bowser: Huh, ok then, wish granted.

Bowser then pulls out the grand star as he starts absorbing a bunch of yellow energy

Bowser continues to absorb the energy as Giratina walks back impressed

Giratina: Hmph, That isnt...really that impressive

Bowser: Oh really?

Bowser then finishes absorbing the energy and rushes with yellow energy flowing behind him at Giratina pushing him along the entire road

Giratina: GRA!!!

Giratina then teleports as Bowsers hands stop pushing him

Giratina then teleports back in the air a few feet away from bowser and breathes another dragon pulse which hits bowser but does nothing

Bowser Then unleashes all the energy he absorbed into a giant energy blast

It goes very slowly though and Giratina Summons a Bunch of Draco meteors from the air to push into the blast and weakens it, but they weren't enough and the blast keep going as it exploded on Giratina

Bowser then reverts back to his Normal form

Bowser: Ha! That wasn't that ha- ugh....

Giratina is seen right in front of bowser in point blank range choking bowser

Giratina: (in very deep and evil like voice) YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT

Giratina then sets a curse on bowser and uses shadow claw to shoot bowser into a tree. Giratina then Charges up a blast of all his elemental beam and shoots it at bowser

But bowser is then seen in dark blue and purple colors with his head down and then he puts his head up as he turned into Nightmare Bowser with the crumbled Nightmare Stone in his hand that he drops

Bowser: GRAH!!!!!

Giratina: Well then...this guy just won't give up

Bowser then rushes at Giratina with blinding high speeds and constantly teleports all around Giratina

Giratina: Alright enough joking around alre-

Bowser then slashes Giratina so hard that a bunch of blood came out from all around Giratina's body

Giratina: GAH!!!! Fuck!!!

Giratina then gets pushed all the way back to a tree as bowser then shoots a bunch of dark energy balls at Giratina. But Giratina gets serious and teleports away from them behind bowser and sets toxic on him

Bowser then takes repetitive damage from both status conditions and Giratina even burned bowser with wil o Wisp weakening his attack

Bowser: BRAH!!!!

Giratina: you're done!

Giratina then uses dragon pulse Which bowser used his shell to block. Bowser then takes out his Star Rod and wishes for all the conditions to come off
Bowser then shoots another energy beam that would make Giratina disappear but Giratina dodges it last moment and uses shadow claw to break the star rod

Bowser: What! No! NOOO oooo- (bowser voice gets less deeper as he transforms back to his Normal form with blood all over his face )

Then there's a moment of silence as both are in pain with blood all over their body

But then a dark light starts going around Giratina as with its claw its holding the Griseous Orb and it transforms into Origin Form

Giratina: TINA!!!

Similarly Bowser is getting surrounded by a light energy as he is seen with a dream stone and he transforms into Dreamy Bowser

Bowser: BRAH!!!

Bowser and Giratina then teleport all over the area at so fast speeds that you don't even see then anymore. Bowser starts throwing a bunch of dreamy fireballs at Giratina. Giratina tanks them very easily and then Teleports three times around Bowser until finally hits bowser with shadow claw with more force then ever

Bowser would've already died but due to the form he lived. Bowser tanked it but c
Blood starts coming little by little from his body. Bowser then reality warps and summons a bunch of black holes at Giratina. The black holes are sucking on everything except Giratina who just stands there ignoring the presence as it doesn't affect it

Then after a while Bowser feels a big pain in his stomach untill a slash happens through his heart and cheat as Giratina is seen behind Bowser with his dragon claw out and puts it back in

Bowser then turns back to regular for and gets split in half. Bowser then died and Giratina used telekinesis to pick them up to throw to the sun to burn


The world is definitely gone after that. Anyway let's talk about why Giratina Beats Composite Bowser
In reality this wasn't hard to decide. Bowser composite is strong, but Giratina is on a whole new level. To even stand up to NORMAL form Giratina Bowser needed to power up to his Nightmare Form
However once Giratina got in his origin Form it was over for Bowser no matter what form he was in. Giratina Origin Form constantly goes up against Arceus at its full power and sometimes even beat arceus, who destroy a universe by being BORN.

Not to mention Giratina is much smarter than bowser, and faster too
Bowser did have the ability to grant wishes with dreamy form and his Star rod. The problem is, Giratina is so fast, IT breaks reality and the wishes don't affect it. Making Giratina destroy the star rod, and with its huge power, finish off Dreamy Bowser

If this post gets at least three likes I'll do a two on two rematch with Giratina And Arceus with Giratina being only in base form, against Composite Bowser And Composite Dimentio

The Winner For Episode 4 Of BBD Is

Winner: Giratina (Pokémon)

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