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Hi I'm Brian Haas and the Owner of the First Fenton Michigan Hydroponics & Garden Center. That I Opened 5 Year's ago. Been Very Slow. That My Good Friend Christopher Smurfhunter Helped me Set this Page's and Community up For Myself & Customer's & Friend's

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This was my Store when I first opened it Up! that I offer thing's Beyond The Normal Hydroponics Light's and Nutrient's The Only Place in the area who Will Give you Anything? That When you Buy Any 2 you get one Equal Lower Price's For {"FREE"} Noboddy is Offering This and a Place where you Can Meet Other's Grower's Who can Help and Get you Back on Track. & The Only Business is Using Google Hangout's to Answer's All Your QUESTION'S FACE to FACE. GOOGLE HANGOUT'S 45 day's or Less. Be Fully Operational............................ Once the Bug's are worked out.
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