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So I've decided to change a couple things around here. Just to kind of give new meaning to this role play. First off the profile template. I'm changing a couple things in it. Of course if the owner of the community disagrees with me than my say in this is pretty much redundant.
So the new template will most likely be this:
Shouts (optional)
spells (optional)
Likes/Dislikes (optional)
Faction (optional)
biography (must have)
Any other information you decide to put is completely fine.

Now factions. Factions will remain basically the same however, I would like to maybe get rid of the whole civil war. This roleplay is based 200 years after the events of Skyrim and I would honestly like to think that the war has ended with a peace treaty or stalemate.
The factions are as follows:
Thieves Guild
Dark Brotherhood
The Mage's College of Winterhold
The Vigilance of Stendarr

Any factions you felt I left out please let me know.

Now finally. the races. You may think that races aren't something I can change but I'm going to change them a tiny bit to add more customization into the role play community. Now the races will still include the normal nine races that you can play as in skyrim. However there will be things like half-breeds, different types of khajiit, and so forth. So the new races are as follow:
High Elf
Wood Elf
Dark Elf
Khajiit (any type) ( for the different types)
half Giant
Half elf (Any type of elf and any type of human)
Half Orc
half Snow Elves (the few existing uncorrupted snow elves had to bread with the races of men and other mer in order to survive complete extinction)

So yeah. Those are the changes. Let me know what you think and tell me if I did anything wrong or not.


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name maheya
Age: 20
race: argonain
Abilities:high Regen , massive strength
Shouts:fire breath
biography : he has mining as a job but mostly ventures around the country without or six-hour his brother without any trouble

Height: 8"9'
Length: ...
Young: Meeros
Appearance:heavily build like Reehi
Weapons: bows and arrows ,scimitar
Likes:his family ,brother ,fun
Dislikes: evil
Bio:he is the brother of Reehi and is more of one who is making his earnings by mining and sometimes adventuring unlike Reehi who ventures .

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It was a nice day out , sunny and clear sky's as go brothers ,reehi,and maheya are walking on the main path going on to riften when_________......
((Open rp ))

Hello, I joined long ago when this google+ group was pretty dead, but I'm glad it's coming back! :)


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~OC Layout~
Name: Piper
Age: 21
Race: dark elf
Weapon:glass bow, glass arrows and a silver dagger
Magic: detect life, Mage light, waterbreathing (she barely uses it), all fire and ice magic, conjure flame atronach, healing
Gender: female
Group: thieves guild, dark brotherhood
Armour: elven armour, sometimes leather armour
Evil or Good: both (depends on who she is around)
Student at the college?: nope, she had a family friend teach her about magic and all that
Home: Whiterun
Likes: magic, horses, dragons (some), water, swimming, Khajits
Dislikes: orcs, anything that wants to kill her
Bio: Piper was raised in Whiterun by her parents and with her brother. Her parents died when she was 8 and so her and her brother, Albie, had to take over and look after one another. They still live in a home together but it's quite large and has plenty of rooms and space and they are okay with it. Piper had a family friend who was a high elf that taught her magic. Albie has a partner but piper doesn't. She's a good magic user and isn't afraid to use it.


Is it ok for me to play as a existing character in the game already?

(Open RP)
You see an unconscious figure in the next chamber, surrounded by Draugr, with one about to finish him off.

The Jarl of Winterhold has sent out word of a cave that's been scaring off visitors and somehow attracted a variety of dangerous animals, like ice wraiths, trolls, sabertooths,  and bears. He tried to send a group of mercenaries, but they never returned. Shrodejo decides to check it out after seeing a bounty (open)

You had been enjoying a nice stroll, walking through the fields on a beautiful day, when a sudden noise began to attract your attention. It was coming from behind a bush at the edge of a forest. There was a bloody dagger lying by the bush, and marks in the ground as if someone had been dragged. You were tempted to look, but a part of you was hesitant. You....
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