Hello everyone, I'm glad of being member of this community . I would like to know if there's any mexican as ex alumni to keep in touch about whats happening in this area in Mexico.

Best regards, Viridiana

Changes in the DSROI from the first DSROI in 2010

From the first institute in 2010, the Institute format has undergone several changes as we incorporated feedback from the participants each year. What started as a nine week training has now been adapted to a six week course with a focus on supplementing theoretical concepts around SRHR and disability with practical exposure. A component of “Radical Action” (RA) was introduced in each week’s module which aims to highlight the practical interventions employed to address specific issues of disability/sexuality/rights as experienced in a range of locale. These have increasingly drawn on work undertaken by DSROI Alumni, building upon the skills and experience already held in specific topics from work carried out prior to the Institute or developed during it. The modules have undergone revision each year, to ensure that more contemporary and relevant material can be incorporated along with ensuring clarity on basic concepts and introducing new perspectives and voices. Ensuring greater accessibility of both the DSROI platform and the material has been of utmost priority for us. Based on the feedback from participants we have now moved to a different platform for hosting the Institute and continue to strive to ensure greater accessibility, with the introduction of dyslexia text in this year’s DSROI. As we move towards planning DSROI 2017, your feedback becomes all the more important to us in our endeavor to ensure that DSROI remains a thriving and robust space for conversations around disability and sexuality.

Thanks for creating this platform! Looking forward to staying engaged!

Dear Alumni,

Welcome to the DSROI Alumni Community Page!

With the completion of DSROI 2016, we now have nearly 150 alumni and 5 years of DSROI behind us! With such rich alumni base spread across the globe, we saw this as an opportune time for CREA to re-energize our engagement with all of you and to create a space for fostering cross learning, given that the area of sexuality and disability continues to remain a niche area. We also hope that this network of DSROI Alumni will also help in strengthening local, regional and global alliances and advocacy on rights of people with disabilities, especially focussing on sexual and reproductive health and rights of women with disabilities.

We look forward to hearing from all of you on the different ways you have been taking forward the conversation on sexuality and disability in your individual/organizational capacity!
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