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we will be hosting the first ever Konk Iron Fist Contest..yup it is what it sounds like.. fist fighting for the grand prize!!! entrants will be placed in the arena to hunt,hide,attack anyone they like. the player with the most kills after 2 hours wins the Grand Prize.. a complete konk combat system setup including add-ons.. the complete system with all add-ons cost 50$ it will turn your sim into a role play/ combat region works on all grids of opensim..
crafting,melee,magic,lockpicking,pvp,tons of role play animations.. so come and practice up.. start training you have 2 weeks to get fit and ready for a fist to fist battle of champions!!

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hello everyone I will be doing a livestream on youtube at 8pm central time you may join in and ask questions request to see things done you are interested in and find out any information about the konk role play and combat game builder for open sim

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a place created in hopes of bringing the role play community of the hyper grid together. Since 2014.I have been hard at work creating a great combat system. most compare it to the gorean meter of second life
complete with crafting , role playing , animations , extensive combat meter and titler , melee and magical spells , food ,destructible structures , npc's ,
and more now we are on the mission of gathering troops to fight the great battles of the hyper grid with us.. travel from grid to grid acquiring new weapons and items. join pvp battles across multiple platforms full game currency the more you earn the more you can obtain no cost to play and gain items and weapons etc. so far we have the medieval edition 95% complete and now we have begun a star wars edition my partner and co owner Ryven Stormchylde is over that .. please stay tuned for more information...i have added tons of YouTube videos for you to watch here

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