Help get our Hangout Apps back!

If you've ever tried a Hangout on a personal account vs. a work/education account, you can see that all the apps we used to enjoy have been removed. With the recent announcement of the Hangout API being shut down, apps that give us functionality like the lower thirds will likely go away.

So, what can YOU do? Say something.

Using the feedback tool for hangouts, we can let Google know what we want to see in Hangouts. Allo and Duo are Google's answer to iMessages, but it currently only works on mobile devices.

So, what should we say? Well, here's a message that you can quickly copy/paste into the feedback windows for Hangouts:

Functions I'd like to see in Google Hangouts:

1. Lower thirds. Whether in a private video call or a Hangout on Air, the ability to easily see the name of the person speaking is extremely imporant.

2. Soft focus background. Great for busy backgrounds, this allows for a sharp focus on the speaker while everything around was out of focus.

3. Bring back/keep Google Effects. Many people don't like using video conferencing because they can see themselves on screen. However, wearing a silly hat goes a long way to breaking down their reluctance.

Where to find feedback:

New Hangouts: Select Feedback from the menu (three dots in top right)
Old Hangouts: Question mark in the bottom left corner

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Now I know this is high end. But it's likely the only portable multi channel video recorder/switcher out there right now!

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Will this work with with Hangouts?  It says USB, but I don't see a USB port on the card.  Still looking for solutions for schools that want to use video cameras for Hangouts On Air. 

I know the Magewell XI100DUSB-HDMI HDMI to USB 3.0 Video Capture Dongle is a good one, but our district's vendors don't carry it.  Looking for other options. USB 3.0 Video Capture Device - HDMI / DVI / VGA - 1080p 60fps - Video capture adapter - SuperSpeed USB 3.0 - NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL 60 - black

Curious to know if anybody is using or exploring

Hopefully this isn't off topic but I'm looking to boost the number of Hangout and live streaming projects in working on... So if anyone is asked for a producer and / or small studio in the London area, do keep me in mind!

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It's been a while in the making but finally here's my Canon XF205 review... Some of you will have already seen the live stream test which I'll repost later
Canon's single-chip camcorder offers improvements over the XF100, but are they enough to merit upgrading?

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Here's a quick write up on the +GoPro Session +Roosevelt Gist - maybe not as useful for streaming as the Hero4 Black as you say - but interesting for pre-records?

Two (related) questions today:
1. Does anyone have recommendations for an economical way of creating a newsroom-style desk, with space for the 'anchor' and a screen that can show remote guests (on HOA)? Ideally not a green screen
2. Is there a way to show just the remote guest to the anchor on the LCD in the newsroom and switch that image as different guests appear (a producer would do that from a separate computer)? The idea is that the remote guest on the LCD would be in vision at the start of the interview then we'd cut to their feed, then back to the studio for the questions etc
thanks  in advance!

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This is both a recorder and a sound mixer, so potentially gives high quality recordings for later editing and a mixed output/USB output for live. Keen to test it out!

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