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Am great

Final Fantasy VII remake may hit our headlines/discussion tomorrow night. Drop us an email if you want Adam and I to argue teh shiz.

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PSN Games on sale this weekend for $9.99:
Darksiders 2
DMC remake
Bioshock: Infinite( I literally just sold this game on Amazon to someone for $10. I missed the post office by 3 minutes 30 minutes ago)
XCOM ( Love this game, but haven't beaten it)
BioShock 2 ultimate ed
God of War collection
Starhawk ultimate end
Epic mickey 2
Sly collection ( do you guys like this series?)
Prototype 2
Dynasty Warriors 7
Persona 4 Arena
Tales of Graces ( do you recommend this? I know Two of you and I are all playing FFX.
Street Fighter x tekken blah blah blah
Lost Planet 3
Resident Evil: Revelations

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This song reminds me of Summer. I first noticed it while driving top speed along the beach in Grand Theft Auto V. When I beat the game, this song laid out the credits and took it all home. So now, this song reminds me of that game and everything it stood for.

What do you guys think about the weird Slenderman stabbing of that 12-year old girl in Waukesha? Are those girls nuts? Do you think a bunch of people are going to demand Internet censorship as a result of this? Does it make you lose faith in humanity?

Ni No Kuni is $5 bucks on the PSN flash sale today. It's a solid RPG with Pokemon. It's very well done.

Any listeners out there going to be terribly upset if I don't get the podcast out until Monday?
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