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Red Moon

Every night I fly from one part of the beach to the next, looking for why?

Love of my life and I can not tell her any thing about who or what I can do. 

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So we know very little about these Ions. What most have come to know is only a small part of what Ions are. Every day Ions pass through the Earth picking up carbons and and passing them back to space or to other Atoms. Lost of Carbon dating happens for we know carbon is lost at a standard rate. How much carbon is in some thing tells how old it is. less carbon the older it is, like us. Earth full of carbons lose and gain carbons everyday. Truth is Ions can be controlled. This is what others have yet to learn.

I struggled with telling the world of what I know, only thing that stop me is those in power could use such knowledge to control countries or even the world. Only if everyone could know this at the same time, this is the only way. How ever, if I tell just one or a group then they could use these Ions to stop other from ever knowing.

So I keep it all to myself. This makes me feared by the whole world. I am call a Witch, or Demon. No one wanted to be near me. all would run from me or try to get me to do evil things for them. That is not who I am. So I remove myself from the world and set in the clouds on high, looking down at all the problems of the Earth and not able to do or say a thing.

I change the way I look to others just to walk among them, Unable to show my true self, I live in sadness all the day long. My worry is not about the crimes or wars, for I could stop any with little or no problem. What I worry is some church or government find out what I know. My days are there stopping all from finding out how to control Ions.

There is one light in my life, a young woman name Eve. Just like Adam, I fell Eve is here for me. She is very much about family, this is my worry. She finds out who I am will she run from me or want me to share all I know with her family. Latter I can not do. Sometimes I let what I know touch her, Her joy I give her is beyond anything she has ever known.

Even with my small size I stand over her by a couple inches. she loves that about me, plus I wear no mask or change my form for she has never known the other me. Just the man that can touch her like no others can. I have done this with other women, only Eve did not think bad about my touch. Only Eve welcome me with a smile each day and a wanting to be near me for ever, dose Eve know how long that could be?        

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Every day I find reason to use what I know now. Ions help me fly, but also help me stand and fight. No one knows how to control the air like I do. They live by old rules of guns and knives, I live by never having to use such childish ways. With just a swhat of my hand no one can touch me.

I enjoy the look on the face of all who cross my path, surprise or just plain look of wonder. Bumbling for words or dumb struck to think a small one like me could ever best them. Take what is mine with no fight, never again, as I jump to action and cast them like a paper bag of air. With the Ions in the wind, and my stones in my pocket, a smile cross my lips as I brush away any attempt to rob or bully me. One, Two or many rush me after such fights, find that they can all fell the same pains of my dash of thoughts to control all.

Protecting myself is all I do. Never do I seek to take advantage pf my new power, yet law and government want to grab hold of me when learning of what I've done. They have no idea of the stones. to them they are just rocks, to me they hold the key to why they look to what I do. Hood of a Police car with the stones in front of me, from a search of my pockets, officer find they can not cuff me unless I let them. No Judge can find wrong in what I do, nor can they stop what I do. So I walk free and all the law officers fume with madness.       

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On this day my life changed forever. Worlds have come and gone, now i have my world under control. Jumble of thoughts and days of mix feelings has given way to a new me.

Bullied my whole life, Just because I never wanted to fight. Fighting is not what I worry about, hurting other is my problem. My life would be over if I harm anyone for any reason. So I set out how to make it so I or anyone else could hurt another, for whatever reason. Working day and night over Twenty Five years, I now can control Air around me.

Thin or Thick, Above or below, air has the same properties as Gravity. Wind can fall with just the weight of dust in it. We all know that rain and snow happens when droplets are weighed down by dust. Dust that has many particles inside. Iron, Gold, Quartz, most of all microbes of Ions. Ions that are the smallest but most solid of all metals in the whole universe. Ions can be controlled just like any thing all you have to do is find out how to controll it.

Two small rocks inside of water let you see and control Inos anytime and anyplace. Move them close and nothing can get to you, No one can hit you plus you can use these Ions to repel someone around you, while keeping the air around them and you so dense that falling or bumping into thing doesn't happen. What Two stones, I will never tell.

For now Look at me as a bird flying free to the clouds.         
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