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I am a beautiful person

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Work Center in SAP PP: Create, Change, Display

Suggestion 3click on widget switch white to black font ;) in case of autobackground and need to switch color.

Have this need.
What about you ?

Hi, I love your App. Is it possible to restrict what calendars get used in the widget? I have a few calendars that are just photography related like sunrise / sunset which are rather annoying on the home screen.

I just switched to a new phone, and now when I double-tap on any NT widget, in addition to doing whatever it's supposed to do, it also (apparently) starts up Google Voice Search.  Any idea why this is happening?

MT Text Style cannot be configured anymore inside Tasker. I only get a black screen and seconds after, Tasker crashes. I get this issue on both android 4.3 and 4.4. Please fix it. Thanks.

Hi dev, could you add some more custom text styles please? I really like your great app. Thanks.

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I see some sort of truncation on the Galsxy Tab S 8.4. The widget is 6x1 of size but the text is clipped far from the edge. The widget is not resized in the launcher (Apex). What am I doing wrong?

Pushed a small update to the 4.1 Beta.
This update tries to solve a full screen ad problem (the ads popped up even if Minimalistic Text wasn't active)
If you encounter problems regarding the ads then please contact me immediately.
There is nothing more annoying than randomly popping up full screen ads. Annoying enough that Minimalistic Text shows them "in app".
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