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Evil Chinese government and Meng Wan Zhou,How much more Canada has been suffered?

Rogue Wolf Chinese government deal with Gentleman Canada government,Because Evil Chinese government Knows Canada will NOT going to hit them back as American.

Police Car in China are driving to University and trying to find Canadian who teach English there and arrested them and deport them,China is willing to make Canada looks bad,in Fact This only Make China looks Bad

There is nothing about Chinese People,most Chinese people are Brain washed and in slaved by Chinese government.

Top officer from China are trying to rule the world by spying and stealing money

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Check it out guys😊

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To be honest, I wasn’t sure this was the kind of post I wanted to write, let alone publish. 🤔


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debat dua ara mlm nini kok lucu ya... seharusnya pendukungnya itu memahami apa yg menjadi komitmen calon pemimpinnya ..bgtu di media kok jadi tidak komit....yg di tanya kenapa tidak komitmen dan konsisten dgn apa yg telah di lontarkan calon pemimpinnya ni jawabannya malah ngotot bahwa dia komitmen...padahal kalo di simak jelas...itu seorang pemimpin yg tidak komitmen dan yg bikin kacau para calom pemimpinnya atau para pendukung fanatiknya.... semoga audient itu cerdas dalam melilh pemimpin yg bisa di pegang omongan dan amanah...tidah hanya sekedar mengatasnamakan rakyat...

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