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Get 100+ eBook Cover Design Templates for Photoshop

Design Your Own Book Cover Like a PRO With This D.F.Y eCover Templates You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

First Impressions - Absolutely Really Matter!

You’ve heard the expression “Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover”?

Here’s the truth…

If you selling Book, Kindle, or eBook online… through your own website or marketplace such as Amazon Kindle, the product cover design is the first thing your customer will sees. It’s the MOST important element that can make positive impression at the first glance to your product!

And an EXTRAORDINARY cover draws attention and creates anticipation. The visual design is what gives us confidence to buy the book.

So… Fair or Not Fair…
People (Always) Judge The Book by It’s Cover

If you’re a new or self-published book author, here’s the thing you need to know…

People look at the cover design to give them an idea of what the book is about.


Publishing companies and bestselling authors invest hundreds (even thousands) of dollars into design when they launch a book.

Because they know a good design can mean the difference between lots of sales and NONE!

Cover Design Is The ‘MOST IMPORTANT’ Thing When You Are Selling A Book Or Kindle To Get The BEST Conversion!

Now here is the problem for most of us….
Not everybody has the CREATIVE ability to create a beautiful cover for their books and products.

Do you seriously want to risk losing sales because of poor Cover Designs?

Of course not!.

and you don’t just want a good cover… you want an eCover design will blow your customers away!

After all, top-notch graphics give your prospects the confidence to buy your products. Sounds easy right?

Outsourcing your cover design is EXPENSIVE! I mean, who wants to spend $40 – $97 per cover.

That’s is just for ONE cover..!!

It’s so expensive because designing a premium style of graphics from scratch isn’t as easy as you think.

It’s time consuming, costly and if you’re short on creativity… it can be highly frustrating.

Here's another solution...

Meet "PIXELCOVER"... It's STUNNING & PRO Looking Book and Kindle e-Cover Design Templates for Self-Publisher (Will be available for access : SEPTEMBER 16, 2018. @10.00 AM-EST).

It’s the most Completed 'All-in-One' Book Author toolkit in the Self-Publishing Business. Including cover design for Book, eBook, and Kindle. Book launch marketing toolkit such as Roll-Up banner, Animated ads banner, Flyer. And book accessories like Bookmark design.

Everything Done for You, Easy to Edit... and Ready to Use.

And using PixelCover template... it can Help everyone (even newbie) to create book cover design 60% FASTER, and can SAVE BUDGET Up-to 95% than if you hire Pro Designer to create design from scratch.

It’s really huge time and money saver for Self-Publisher.

The best thing is…
It’s way CHEAPER than the same items that sold in the Marketplace, and has more Professional looks!

Download now >

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Stative Verbs / Know More about Verbs
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