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Welcome to the world of Regalia, a medival fantasy role play community where the sky's the limit. In a world blossoming after an age of strife and death, Regalia finds itself in trouble once more as the children of the legendary heroes, Rossius and Sunset, seek out to conquer the world for some unknown reason. A new storm is brewing and tensions are rising. What will you do?
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You can level up two different ways; either through quests or if a Owner decides you deserve a level up point.

Ruins of Serenity
Late Evening, Nighttime

Benedict Bloodcrest trudged through the mud and dirt of the dark and rainy forests, having lost track of time, he soon emerged from the dense woods into the Ruins of Serenity. He stopped for a moment and looked around at the shattered stone walls, the broken archways, and the obliterated architecture that now lay before him. Once he had let his eyes drink their fill of the view, Benedict moved on and entered the ruins, eventually finding a lone large piece of stone, just in time to see the rain stop. Thinking himself lucky, he sat down upon the stone and pulled out a good-sized tome from his pack, cracking it open, he started reading, paying little attention to anything that may be watching him


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I simply dont like the idea of your character being able to be in multiple places at once. Consistency people! If you dedicate yourself to an rp, you must see it through! You can opt out of one if you really dont like it, but you'll lose any progression your character has made in that RP! Such as any levels, items, or money you have earned! Questions?
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+Big Boss

I have a character idea that is quite unique, and I wish to run it by you before I complete the profile.

((Open RP))

Something odd has been happening on the roads in Astoria. People have been reported being robbed but not of money or belongins, food and supplies mostly is what's being stolen along with cloth of any sort. Most would not see it as odd but the frequency of it is alarming. Most reports say it is a 5'6" tall creature but no one is bale to place the species of the thief. Bounties have been put out for their capture but none have been successful as of yet.

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While not necessary for your survival, food can provide a myriad of boosts and status effects to your character, such as moral boosts, energy boosts, and health regeneration boosts to name a few. The high quality and more expensive the grub, the better effects it will have on your character and the type of foods you have will determine the types of effects, some food even boosts the chance of you earning a skillpoint randomly. Food is the essence which fuels the soul!

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Damari has gone out for a bit of fresh air, leaving Xanon and Benedict alone in a room. They were in a tavern, several drunken sailors below with a tough captain. Xanon had been fully healed and high strung/full of energy ever since! Until she made a discovery of something she had forgotten. The fluffy, confused taur simply lays on the ground contemplating this while Benedict attempts to help.

"No, I don't think hitting my skull would help. Wouldn't that hurt, too?" Her tail flicks too and fro

+Brinston Malfactus+Random Fluffers

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[North Western Astoria: Angel's Workshop]
It was the start of another wonderful day in Astoria, After their very emotional night, Duran and X slept soundly together, seeming exhausted by last nights events. Duran held onto X like a plushy to cuddle, still in a deep sleep. The sun was rising, marking the begining of another day.
+Anonymous Roleplayer

Quote(s): "Thank you so much, Mary."
[Basic Details]
Name: Jason Faethorn
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/11
Current Occupation: Hunter/Bounty Hunter
[Physical Details]
Ethnicity/Species: Human
Eye color: Brown, almost yellow
Hair color: Pure white
Skin color: Darker toned
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 1
Body type: Slender, broad shouldered
Scars/Defining marks: Typically has bruises from firing without an arm guard*
[Biographical Details]
Likes: Target practice, Training, The night sky
Dislikes: Being referred to as a coward, alcohol, chems
Personality: Quiet, gets things done, fatherly

Origins: Jason grew up as well as any commoner's child.... Two happy parents, and soon a baby sibling on the way. But when he was 15, their parents just.... Dissapeared. He was left alone with his 6 month old little sister. His mother was an archer, so she taught him how to hunt. The two siblings were close.... Never spoke a word. Only thing people heard from them was "Thank you." Jason managed to keep their small house by hunting and selling the meat and fur, his sister helping an older woman bake simple treats in her kitchen. She was like a grandmother to them both.... The only reason they stayed in the same village for as long as they did. Though she became very sick and over the past year, the two have spent a great amount of time just reading and playing games with her.... Worried they won't be able to the next day.


[Armor:] Leather Leggings, chainmail chestplate, leather arm guards. Thin golden gloves.

[Base Stats]
Points to spend: 0/10

Strength: 1

Intelligence: 2

Endurance: 2

Agility: 2

Vitality: 3

First Shot -Lvl 3: Upon firing the firdt shot at a target, as long as he isnt seen the arrow is invisible for 2/3 or travel time and silent until its a foot away from target.
Bird's Eye -Lvl 2: Using the eyes of a glowing bird he can aim from a further distance
Archery -Lvl 2
Golden Touch -Lvl ?: Curse [User is incapable of touching anything without wearing golden gloves, if they do then it will turn to gold.]
Focus -Lvl 1: Taking a deep breath and taking an entire turn to prepare increases accuracy greatly.
Invisibility -Lvl 2: Cannot move once invisible at level 1, level 3 you can. 2 levels from Max allows you to attack from invisibility
Enchanting -Lvl 1
Marksmanship -Lvl 1

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[North Western Astoria: Angel's Workshop]
After a heart wrenching morning and the near death of Doctor Duran, X had managed to save her master from certain death with just five minuets to spare. With the immense weight of saving Duran off her shoulders, it was time to recover from the damage Oliva delt. X would make her way to the workshop's main room where she could utilize the Armor Smith Bench to repair her suit and leather armor, as well as her broken mask.
+Anonymous Roleplayer
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