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Show Name: Blazing Sunset
Name: Blazer
Gender: Stallion
Breed:Welsh type A
Age: 10
Color: Roan
Height: 14. hh
Personality: Gentle, smart, obsessive, greedy(with food)

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Show Name: Lady's Secrets
Barn Name: Lady
Breed: Andalusian
Age: 8
Color: Dapple gray
Height: 15.3 hh
Gender: Mare
Birthday; January 4, 2009
Personality: Moody (sometimes), pushy, smart, sassy, people horse, gentle

((+Mädchen Vom Lande))
I chuckle a bit.
No. I'm good.

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Do profiles still need to be accepted oorrrr.....?

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||Show Name|| Day Break's Golden Aurora
||Regular Name|| Aurora
||Age|| 14
||Birthday|| April
||Gender|| Mare
||Breed|| Swedish Warmblood
||Personality|| Bright, Ambitious, Determined, Obsessive 

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*Not mai pic! Ignore the horse lol. Al credit goes to its rightful owners!!*

||Name|| Jake Swinton
||Age|| 20
||Birthday|| August 12
||Gender|| Male
||Sexuality|| Heterosexuality
||Grade Level / Job|| Stablehand sometimes training
||Horse|| Secret, Delilah
||Personality|| Smart, serious, friendly, rather stubborn, kind, rather shy at first
||Likes|| Horses, riding, books, drawing
||Dislikes|| Mistakes, rude people, being told what to do
||Fears|| Falling, losing friends
||Mother|| Deceased
||Father|| Caleb Swinton
||Brothers|| None
||Sisters|| None
||Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend|| None
||Crush|| None
||Children|| NUPE
||Theme Song|| None yet.
||Voice|| (Le guy singing it XD)
||Bio|| Jake grew up in the city. His dad, Caleb Swinton, worked with the Mounted Police and Jake helped care for the horses. His love for horses grew and he learned many tips and tricks hanging out with the veterinarians during rounds. He made great friends with the veterinarian. One day one of the officers had to sell his horse because they had to move. When the officer asked Jake he accepted in less than heatbeat. The city life was exciting but soon it got much too exciting. Shootings started to happen a bit too often and his dad forced Jake to move. Jake moved to a small horse on the countryside not too far from the academy. As soon as he found out about the academy he just had to sign up. when he joined the academy he shied away from everyone else. He still would rather be alone most of the time. 
||Other|| Sometimes he misses the excitement of the city. Randomly makes a handgun with his hand and fake shoots random people (and things) at the academy behind their backs. hehehehe
Derpderpderpderpderpplerpderpderpederpederpderpederpderpederpderep meeooooowww

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||Show Name|| None. (Suggest pweaze!)
||Regular Name|| Delilah
||Age|| 6
||Birthday|| February 13
||Gender|| Mare
||Owner|| Jake Swinton
||Breed|| Pinto
||Personality|| Clever, quirky, smart, sweet, friendly, energetic, calm (i have no clue how energy and being calm goes together XD), obediant
||Likes|| Riding, jumping, adrenaline, having fun, endurance
||Dislikes|| Trailers, mean horses, Secret (at times), stuck up snobs
||Mother|| Unknown
||Father|| Unknown
||Brothers|| Unknown
||Sisters|| Unknown
||Mate|| N/A ((Open))
||Crush|| N/A ((Open))
||Foals|| N/A
||Theme Song|| 
||Voice|| If you watch “Horseland” Calypso’s voice if not link here: Calypso is the chestnut Appaloosa mare with a cream mane and tail with pink highlights.
||Other|| Knows many voice commands and can be ridden bareback.

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||Show Name|| Secrets Meant To Be Kept
||Regular Name|| Secret
||Age|| 12
||Birthday|| January 12
||Gender|| Gelding
||Owner|| Jake Swinton
||Breed|| Thoroughbred cross
||Personality|| Serious, rather fierce, stuck up, sometimes rather rude, loyal
||Likes|| Riding, walking the streets, loud noises, 4th of July, winters, the city, trail rides, jumping
||Dislikes|| Silence, being alone
||Fears|| Getting lost, being left all alone, letting everyone he loves down
||Mother|| Unknown
||Father|| Unknown
||Brothers|| Unknown
||Sisters|| Unknown
||Mate|| N/A He’s a gelding!
||Crush|| N/A ((Open))
||Foals|| N/A
||Theme Song|| None yet. (suggest if u want)
||Voice|| If you watch “Horseland” Chili’s voice. If not link here: The horse that says “I’d go faster if I could trust her to stay in the saddle” is Chili. He is in quite a bit of the episode if you want to watch more. Chili is a light grey Dutch Warmblood stallion with lavender highlights in his mane and tail.
||Other|| If you can’t tell Secret came from the city. He was a mounted patrol horse. Knows many voice commands.

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Horse Profile Template  

||Show Name||  Aries the Ram
||Regular Name||  Aries

||Age|| 6 Years
||Birthday|| January 7th
||Gender|| Female 
||Owner|| Reyna 
||Breed|| Andalusian horse

||Personality|| Submissive, Calm, and Sad
||Likes|| Unknown 
||Fears||  Nothing

||Mother|| Unknown 
||Father||  Unknown
||Brothers|| None
||Sisters|| None 
||Mate|| None 
||Crush|| None 
||Foals|| None

||Theme Song|| None
||Voice|| Unknown  

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((+Dami Wayne))

I lead Blue out her stall, the extra length if the lead rope wrapped around my shoulder.
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