nights, love

envelope us


but the sun morphs

cruel, beautiful, orange

and we come undone

(c)Lisa Yoder

December 13, 2017

The great escape

There is no escape
From the dangers of the enormous
The melancholic children lost to a colossal dream
The impediment of forgotten virtues
Hiding in the forest of death
Look at the thick-skinned creatures
Lurking at your door
And under floorboards of your life
Watch them choke on recollections of dark sin
The fellatio mouths drink in
The dawn of a new reality
The eyelids are closed
To the perils of endangerment
Like a mephitic arachnid
Found in the silk cobwebs of a soft dilution
Until we are caught
In the mesh of a catastrophic eye
The plebian age
The fastidious souls
The fanatical scumbags
Hanging on by a thin cord
Of despair
As the black walls of preposition
Have you trapped
By thin pussy hairs
Of intoxication
And no matter how hard you try
To free yourself from the pain
The great escape
Is hopelessly and forlornly

Ken Riccio original poems ©

Starting from scratch to where I am not eligible
In new Zeal and,, that land.

A copyright of © Kanta Roy,
Shared on, 13.12.17.

From the heart of a dewdrop
a volcano burst forth,
Ravaging eternity
with supreme tranquility.

©️Rashmi Pluscec



15 words means 15 words
If I could pay $15 for 15 minutes
To make me feel like I was 15 again
(Literally 15 WORDS...the rest are numbers) *snaps


Something about making love
Wrapped in a cozy, pre-dawn blanket
Of motionless shadows
Intoxicated by an urgent yearning within the loins
Teasing the senses, making mockery of your self-control
On the climb towards the ultimate crescendo
A sweet surrender to fluid liberty of fire meeting ice

©Lisa Mason 12/17

So when your tears roll down your pillow like river
I'll be there for you

Descending, the air changed, the pressure of darkness receded, far ahead, a possibility of light

Out there I stare
Just for you so rare
A gemstone quite clear.
On wish you are here
So we could pair.
Trust me, hurting you I wouldn't dare.
Being without you I can't bare.
I love you so so much my dear.
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