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would any girls or guys who can rp as a female like to rp on hangouts or pp or kik please im lonely no one wants to rp with me idk why plus im boradso please comment below if you are willing please and thxs

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sorry theres digimon in this one but would any girls out there willing to rp with me on hangouts or pp please?

heres my profile, thanks for letting me in

name: dustin delta is true name, and name of deity form
male (deity form=female)
rayquaza human hybrid
19 (df unkown, has a old mental age)
bio: i dont want to talk about my painful past...
personality is calm, but when angered i can be a force to recon with

df personality- more caring, and lewd

df featurs- stuck as a mega evolution, but has a curvy thick body, she had dark rough skin from her breasts down th her inner thighs

(Need someone to play a female Reshiram. I will send a PP to those who want to do this.) Reshiram and Zekrom have known each other forever, pretty much. Most people and pokemon think of them as rivals.. and they are indeed rivals, always trying to outdo the other and such. But deep down, they both had a deep love for each other, as they could only truly breed with their counterpart...
About a week ago, Zeke had saved Resh from selfish trainers, these trainers had prepared to fight the fire dragoness with water types, meaning Reshiram had a struggle beating them. They employed cheap tactics too, such as throwing sand in her eyes at every given moment. Zeke luckily saved her in time. "I-I only did that because I need a rival." He lied, and Resh knew that Zekrom was an awful lier. It was more because his crush on her was building. This started the times where they'd rescue each other from selfish, evil trainers, each having saved the other from them.
But now mating season arrived. Reshiram let out that sweet scent that drove Zeke crazy. Zeke now started to stay away, he always did, which upset Resh a bit, hiding in a hidden cave, unknowing to him, his rival/love interest had followed him there..

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Long time no see y'all. Got a few days off of shitty ass school so if any girls wanna rp lemme know. I do pps and hangouts only

hey pokemon lovers long time no see

This needs to be said again, sadly. I've had to comb through this community twice and delete any instances of pornography for the community to be unsuspended. This is the final warning for everyone: If you post pornographic material, then you will be told to delete that post. If you don't do so within twenty four hours, I will myself. Multiple offenses will result in a ban. It's had to come to this because of carelessness that has had the community suspended three times. I hope you can understand.

Name: Andre Smith
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Trainer

Likes:Training, being with Pokémon, and traveling
Dislikes:Jerks, anyone that abuses Pokémon

Pokemon 1: Blaziken (Female)
Pokemon 2: Meowth (Male)
Pokemon 3: Goodra (Male)
Pokemon 4: Nidoqueen (Female)
Pokemon 5: Agron(Female)
Pokemon 6: Gallade(Male)

Powers: Unknown
Personality: Understanding, Strong, Strategic
bio: Find out in rp

The community isn't suspended anymore, if you're seeing this
But let's make one thing VERY clear right now, so it doesn't happen again
Do not. Post. Uncensored. Porn.
Thank you and happy lewding
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