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Need help. Linux mint doest work anymore, after kernel update ...and update from 17.3 to 18 (yup same time !!)
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I want some recommandation :
I just got a new PC (i5 +16 go ram + 3To).
I want to use it as a primary pc with server function. I usally install a dual both with both linux and windows. On the server part i use : ftps, plex media, DUC (no-ip) and probably other software in the future.

So my questions :

If i want to share a Data drive between windows and linux, should i create a partition for the shared Data (NTFS) or should i use a separate disk ? I'm worried about the hibernation mode of windows, so there is no way to acces the data. I want to use the same directory in windows and linux for my docs.

Do you recommand to install plex, ftps and DUC in a VM so i will be more secur and not using ressourc (in system) of my primary system, the VM can be used in both OS without the need to reinstall an re-configure the system in both os. I can stop the service if i don't need it for time, i can test the configuration with less risk to fuck up my primary OS.

Wich distro do you recommand for that use. I would like to use a GUI over command line.

In the way i see it for the HD : 80 go+ for windows, 2go for swap, 40 go for Linux mint and the rest for the Data.

What do you thing ?

I have this problem please help me:

Searching for boot record from ide-0..ok

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Just joined Google +, haven't got a clue how to use it but have been using Linux Mint for a couple of years, not missed the other OS at all.
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