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Our film is out! We hope you enjoy it! This is our first, so the overall quality isn't the greatest, but... Thank you +CITC Productions for helping us!!!


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We will be releasing a short film that we made for Chuck Black's video contest tonight (7-8 Pacific Time)! We will not be releasing a trailer. Here is our logo (all credit goes to Elijah Perry with CITC Productions)! Thank you Elijah!

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Is anyone doing Chuck Black's contest this year? Video or picture?
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This song could totally be used for a Wars of the Realm music video, or something. XD

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The Contest is on!!!!!
Contest Guidelines
Contest Guidelines

Does anyone know if Chuck Black is holding another contest this year? Video or otherwise?

OK! So I accidentally deleted the post about filming a movie and I am recreating it on Christian Movie Producers Community. So sorry all the comments were deleted too! So please re-comment on the post in the community I mentioned above.

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What is your favorite book in the Wars of the Realm series?
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The Cloak of the Light
Rise of the Fallen
Light of the Last

What is your favorite part in The Cloak of the Light? Mine is when Drew walks up to Validus when he is hurt and they talk.

Does anyone know when the results for the video and art contest usually come out?
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