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Gonna post rules here

1) Please state if an RP has ended

2) there are two different groups for Manga RP and Anime RP. Blame yourself if you got spoiled

3) anyone can join! You don't have to be an actual rp can use your oc as well

4) don't quarrel when two same characters meet (eg: Levi rp and Levi rp) if one comes first, don't barge in.

5) if you use an OC. Please make sure it goes under the standards of a good oc
Such standards include
a) reasonable stats with high and low scores
b) naturally coloured hair and eyes
c) appearances that are following the military rules (if is a soldier)
Basically not a Mary Sue.

6) introduce yourself

7) State what period / arc the rp is in to let characters who aren't alive by then to not appear.

8)no bullying

9) Moderators only is MODERATORS ONLY

10) if you go against any rules you get three chances. I'll get as much moderators as I can to monitor such things.

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Jussy Chama



Scout group:
Hanji's Squad

her family, flowers, the breeze, spring

seeing loved ones dying, harming other humans

Fighting skills:
hand-to-hand combat, agile, swift

Human Form: too compassionate, easily riled up
Titan Form: the nape of her neck, acchiles tendon, sometimes loses focus of her mission and has to be reeled in quickly to avoid death to other humans

Human Form: skilled with ODM gear, able to face titans and not show fear
Titan Form: armored parts, sharp teeth for ripping apart, fast and agile, strong

Jussy Chama grew up with her uncles and father being members of the scout regiment, always happy when they returned home. She wanted more than anyone to see the world beyond the wall. She grew up in Trost, her mother always taking care of her and her little brothers. She followed her father's and uncles' footsteps and joined up, going through three years of training in which time she became the top of her class, being recommended for Military Police but going into Scouts like her family.
Everything went well for her, until the moment the titans broke into Trost, and that was when she discovered herself. She had been on her way to her family's home, which was next to the wall, and upon arriving she saw, with horror, her brothers eaten by a titan because they had been too scared to leave, and their mother had left for the market earlier that day. Something in Jussy snapped, and she became enraged, without thinking cutting her hand on her blade and becoming a 15 meter titan, ripping apart the titans around her home with her bare hands.
She then proceeded to go on a rampage, her one thought to slaughter every titan to keep the rest of her family safe. When she next awoke, she was lying in a cell, officers pointing rifles at her through the bars, and it all came flooding back to her: her brothers dying, becoming a titan, and slaughtering others in a rampage before she was brought down. She faced a brief trial, but was let go into Hanji's command, having been deemed as not a threat to mankind.
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Is a titan shifter allowed? Also, I don't know what all is required in a profile though I have a somewhat detailed one in two communities already, though she's a titan shifter

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Oc Template
Name: Saron Silvora
Nickname: Silver Fox
Age: 25
Occupation: Survey Corps
Rank: Master Sergeant
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Personality: Often referred to as a clever bastard, he has a tendency to think on his feet in both combat and in conversation. A real habit of pissing off the wrong people landed him with few friends besides the people he chooses to treat respectfully. Putting on a cheerful face regardless of the situation, he purposely does regardless of the stress on his mind to keep moral from shattering by the men under him. During operations, his mind turns to constant thinking of the coming threats and ways to easily shatter them.
Height: 5,5"
Weight: 176 Pounds
Strengths: Strategic Planning, Comebacks, Problem Solving, and Titan on Human Combat.
Weakness: Drinking, Human on Human Combat, Social Skills, and Manipulatable.
Bio: Originally, Saron grew up in Wall Maria to a family of military personnel. His old man managing to make the rank of Colonel in the wall garrison. His mother worked as a lawyer in the district representing the defense of many different criminals. The woman clearly had far more brains in the relationship between the two thankfully passing them on to Saron. Of course, he was expected to join the garrison at 15 by his families standards, but he idolized his uncle serving with the Survey Corps. Being one of the vets, his uncle came back from the outside telling him stories as a child of the amazing expanse choosing to ignore the nasty surprises the Titans tended to have on the corps.

At 15, he did sign up for the military spending the next few years in intense training. Yet, so many of his peers warned him against the Survey Corps. His heart was set on joining to serve like his uncle. Sadly during his training he got word about his grueling demise in one of the scouts operations. For a while, he was put off joining feeling the reality of how easily his uncle just disappeared. Graduating, he choose the garrison not seeing the glory in the Survey Corps under all that blood going to the garrison. It took the Fall of Wall Maria to knock some sense back into him. The initial engagement left with the death of his own mother. The later battles with 20 percent of humanity brought his own experiences against the Titans and the death of his father. After a year of hell, he felt poisoned by the pointlessness of the fighting. So many dead without any results. Throwing so many lives away for nothing sent a spark back into his heart.

The survey corps were always trying to reclaim land for humanity. Sitting on the wall as a vanguard did little in actually beating the Titans. So he took the plunge by getting transferred to fight the good fight against the monsters. Years went by with friend and foe in the hundreds in each battle. He earned a title as the Silver Fox by his non the non regulation silver cloak he wore to distinguish himself to the recruits under his command. The fox portion was due to his clever tactics on the fly cutting down multiple Titans in planed coordinated assaults with his squad. Currently he holds the rank of master sergeant commanding a squad of recruits into battle.

Combat Stats: SPECIAL (35)

Titan Kills: 43
Titan Assists: 38

Strength: 3/10
Perception: 6/10
Endurance: 5/10
Charisma: 3/10
Intelligence: 7/10
Agility: 7/10
Luck: 4/10

Welcome +Spartan 082!

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It took a while, but here's my newest attack on titan original character. Art by me.
Name: Okirietil "Violet Berhäs" Yetundao
Age: Late Teens
Height: 5'3
Race: Mixed
Looks: Below, yet some features aren't mentioned in the image. Her nose is buttony and her lips are full, and her body has well rounded curves that make her self conscious of what she wears.
Squad: 104th under Captain Levi
Personality: She's fairly quiet, and enjoys reading with Armin. Her hobbies include drawing in her free time on scraps of paper. Around the people she cares about, she is very motherly, yet around higher ups, easily flustered and clumsy. She's severely insecure about her looks about her race, and is a victim of self harm (burning). She also suffers from PTSD.
Strengths: Cleaning, art, reading and knowledge, enlightenment, and hand to hand combat.
Weaknesses: Tricks on 3D Maneuver Gear, fear, her squad Captain, and flashing lights.
Friends: Armin Arlert, Eren Jeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Bertholdt, Historia Reiss, Connie, Ymir, Sasha, Hanji
Disagreements: Jean, Reiner Braun
Status: Single
Romantic Interests: Hopeless, basically. She has feelings For Captain Levi Ackerman, and Commander Erwin. Because of that, the jobs that they assign her, she completes quickly and nearly perfectly. At most times, she even does more, or at least tries to show off to them, and ends up embarrassing herself. Because of this, she had to force herself to love to clean.
I'm down for any roleplay, even sexual if allowed. Canon characters and OCs are fine. Thank you for accepting me in this group!

Speed 8/10
Strength 7/10
Agility 9/10
Ability with gear 6/10


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It was a chilly spring morning, and Abigail was already up and strolling through a nearby marketplace. Everything seemed to be quite normal, although she had a slight limp due to an expedition that had taken place the day before. Surprisingly, there had only been three casualties, and it put her mind at ease knowing that none of her friends had lost their lives.

// Closed to +Xyepie //

((Closed to +Hanji Zoë.))
People say new places equal new beginnings. Fresh starts. A new, clean, sheet.
But the sheet that was handed to me was limp and faded.
Along with a pillow.
And a uniform.

I remember when I was back home, with my mother: baking sweet cakes, reading, playing the violin. My mother would come home with a bucket of paints for me, for my amusement. Education was no problem. Life was easy, and it still is, in the inner walls.
It was my idiotic choice to join the survey corps. I had never even seen these Titans people speak of. The thought of them scared me shitless. Yet, I joined anyways. Why? For multiple reasons.
• I couldn't think of a career for me.
• I wanted to save humanity.
• The commander and captain are total hunks.
Forget the last one.
I tugged at my shirt, stretching it down even more. The shirt felt too snug around my body, and my loose curls were held up in a messy ponytail. Next to me was the crazed scientist Hanji Zoe, hand on my shoulder. I gripped the tray of stale bread in my hand so tight that my knuckles turned tan. People stopped talking to look at me. I gulped.
I was sticking out like a sore thumb.
I breathed, interrupting the silence. A few people continued their conversations.
My shoes clacked on the wood, as I searched for an empty table. None. I looked at people, wondering where to sit.
I examined them.
That table, over there. One free seat, yet, by the look of the people over there: then two toned long faced teen with a father cocky grin, the brown haired girl stuffing her face, and the boy with a shaved head arguing, I realized that the table was the asshole table.
I looked again.
Five free seats. Stay away from them. That’s Captain Levi and Commander Erwin. My face heated up and I looked down.
Last Table, far in the Back. 3 free seats. A very cute blonde boy sat next to a boy with teal eyes, who was sitting next go an Asian girl with a blank stare. Along with them was a platinum blonde, shyly eating with another girl. A blonde, buff teen sat with a tall, quiet kid.
The outcasts, I assume.
I noticed the blond boy Was reading. Ah, something familiar. He looked up at me and Gave me a small smile.
Yes. I can sit there.
I sat down on one of the free seats, staring into the weird looking soup. Hanji smiled and patted my shoulder, making me jump. "Be nice to her, alright? She's new." she sang, before sitting smack next to the Corporal, who was drinking tea.
I fiddled with my necklace to calm myself down. Oh, I longed for my sketchbook, or a match..
It was Awkward where I sat. No one spoke. Some eyes were on me. I refused to look up.

Welcome +Xyepie (can't tag) to the community! Your art is incredible!

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I turn on my bed for the last time. I can't take it anymore. I silently slip out of bed. The stone floor is cold but I don't put shoes on. I swiftly open the door and leave my room. I can't sleep at all. I'm not tired and I doubt I'll actually manage to rest tonight. I walk quickly down the halls ans passage ways, finding drafts every now and then. I'm not supposed to be out here at this hour but I can't go back to bed...
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