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Could anyone invite others to our group? We definitely need people for Windclan and Skyclan. 

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Could he get approved?
Quotes: "I am not afraid of the fears of my enemies, since I am their biggest fear"
"Your fangs will look extremely intimidating on my collar"
"I am called Shackle. For I will be the one preventing you from living any longer"

Name: Shackle

Name meaning: If you are shackled by something, it prevents you from doing what you want to do.

Future Names: -

Past Names: Veric

Gender: Tom

Current Age: 36 moons

Date of Birth: Unknown

Status: Alive

🔶 Clan And Family 🔶

Current Clan: Bloodclan

Past Clan: None

Future Clan: Will remain in BloodClan.

Current Rank: Warrior

Past Rank(s): Kittypet

Future Rank(s): A warrior of Dark Forest; secretly believes in StarClan unlike many other BloodClan members, but he still is a bad cat, so he will go to Dark Forest.

Mother: Wave (Alive NPC)

Father: Kesh (Dead, NPC)

Sibling(s): Box, (Status unkown. Box is a huge and a fat male cat. NPC)

Current Crush: None

Current Mate: None (Not looking for a relationship)

Past Mate: None

Kit(s): None

🔶 General Personality And History 🔶

The changing of his mood is always very noticable. He is usually very calm and handles situations with manipulative talking. But if he feels even slightly worse than yesterday, he will not take his time talking and will instead let his claws and fangs do the talking for him. He does not like the company of much younger cats, or cats from other clans. He respects his leader and more experienced warriors and will protect them with his life. The last thing he would do, is doing a favor for an apprentice.

Main Traits

▪Trait 1: Sadistic

▪Trait 2: Calm

▪Trait 3: Cold

▪Trait 4: Unpredictable

Minor appearence info:
He has short, orange fur filled with scars.
He has his old kittypet collar, filled with the fangs of other animals.The collar still has "Veric" written on it.
Like many other BloodClan members, his claws are strenghtened with dog teeth.
He has quite big ears and the other ear is ripped.
His tail is unusually long and very fluffy.
His face also has many scars on it.

Bio: He was a former kittypet. He was born in a twoleg home, and raised by twolegs until he was 8 moons old. His twoleg owners wanted to use him and Box to make kits, so they never took them to the sterilizer.( Can't remember what the sterilizer was called in the books.)

The twolegs wanted to move from their old home, to another one deep in the city, and took their kittypets; Shackle (Veric at that time) and Box with them. Veric and Box were both terrified when they were stuffed inside one of the monsters. Box was placed inside the monster first, and when it was Veric's turn to get stuffed inside, he scratched and clawed with his claws, that he had been sharpening together with Box, from the time they heard that they are moving, in-order to escape the monster. Box failed, but Veric succeeded.

He scratched the twolegs nose, and eye. The twoleg screamed in agony and dropped Veric. The other twoleg ran to help his fellow twoleg. Meanwhile Veric ran off to the forest with confused Box not being able to escape from inside the monster.

Veric ran faster than he had ever ran. He ran until his paws were aching and he decided that it was time to take a break, since the twolegs must have given up by now. He found a nice little cave to sleep in, but when he crawled inside he saw a huge badger. He had never seen such a thing before, but had heard of his mother, Wave talking about them, and how they could kill a cat by biting once! He fell in panic, not even realizing the badger was asleep. He crawled back outside and started running again. He ran through the forest until he came out from the forest and stumbled upon twoleg territory. He was about to turn back, but then, in a dark street corner.. He saw something move.

It was not a twoleg. It was a pair of glowing blue cat eyes. He then started seeing a ton more pairs of eyes surrounding the first pair.
He was curious and went closer.
That's how Veric met BloodClan and eventually became Shackle, after proving himself to be an amazing fighter, surviving the attacks of numerous fresh warriors from BloodClan that were his age, sent to kill him for intruding. He managed to survive and wound the other warriors so badly, that BloodClan welcomed him in. The BloodClan members taught Shackle about everything in the forest, and the twoleg area. They also taught him to kill without hesitation.

He has been a member of BloodClan for 28 moons now.

There we go! I hope he will get approved! ^^ Have a nice day!


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age: 20 moons

TODAY IS THE GATHERING... it lasts all of this week so you have time to join, but please at least try to make it there asap. see ya!

Alright dudes, just a reminder that the gathering is in 6 days. It lasts for a whole week just in case certain people can't make it  on the first day. I hope all of you can make it on at least one of the days! ~LLT

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For medicine cats and their apprentices only
((CLOSED ROLEPLAY WITH: +GoldenTurtle +S-Kits(Lps Cookie Tv)™  +Lettuceturtle and me. As Violetpaw,  Dovepaw, Adderstrike, and Raccoonface.)) If you wish to create a medicine cat or apprentice, i will add you.))  Also, +S-Kits(Lps Cookie Tv)™ since you don't yet have a mentor, pretend you are going by yourself in the roleplay because "Mentor is busy", and that will be the case until you get one.))

Raccoon face waited at the shadowclan and riverclan borders with Violetpaw 

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Name: Violetpaw 
Clan: Shadowclan 
Medicine Cat Apprentice 
has white fur and purple eyes
Gender: Female 
Age: 15 moons


With the foxes that live near your camp, prey is even more scarce than usual. Luckily you have trees to cover most of your territory, so shade is covered, but water is running very low. Dogs have been seen around the abandoned twoleg place in your territory and twolegs as well as riverclan and windclan have been scented in your territory.

Your clan relies on water just as much as you do air, but water is drying up quickly. Your only source of water that isn't drying out is low on fish. Also twolegs are active in a big part of your territory now.

Water is running low, and so is prey. You dont have much shade either. Due to this, your clan is very unstable. Conditions have been so bad that shadowclan has agreed to let your elders and kits stay in their territory, but a badger family is living somewhere in there, so it's risky. 

Prey is very low, but water is still in tact due to all of your swamps and marshes. You have both a badger family and the elders, kits and queens of windclan living in your territory, but you didn't allow the badger. Though you have much water, what little trees and plants you have are very dry, threatening a fire.

All clans:
Kittypets, dogs and twolegs are less active than before, but still active. Especially twolegs.

Overall forest 
Other creatures are roaming into twoleg place, badgers are roaming the alleyways. Outside cats may not want to get invovled with the clans.

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This is just a rough sketch of Cobwebstar's apprentice Redpaw and her death in a comic I'm making. 

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Age:6 moons
Gender: she cat
Clan&Rank: WindClan med cat appreciate
Bio:Write soon
(ALL art by me)
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