How to promote Google Actions.

Sorry I will write this post in Italian since this is a local issue (I've seen websites that do google assistant apps reviews in English, but my action is strictly in Italian).

Scusate ma voi come pubblicizzate le vostre action? La mia dopo un inizio folgorante (la funzione discovery di Google mi ha portato una marea di utenti) adesso stagna un po'. Ho visto che per il mondo anglosassone qualche sito ogni tanto fa una recensione delle "migliori app per google home" ma in Italia?
Per ora sto andando di social ma mi chiedevo se qualcuno di voi conoscesse qualche canale specifico. La mia app è per "famiglie", si raccontano e creano favole, quindi non è strettamente per geek.

After clicking button or any carousel tile, I want to trigger another intent of my project. How it can be done?

I have created actions on google application with transaction enabled.

Upon successfully placing an order through assistant I am getting a payment token but it is a base64-encoded string and I dont know how to use it to charge the user using Stripe(payment gateway)

In actions.intent.TRANSACTION_DECISION, I am getting response by doing :
const arg = conv.arguments.get('TRANSACTION_DECISION_VALUE');

The token I am getting is in this "arg" object :

I have gone through Stripe API docs and I guess Stripe api does not accepts this encoded token for direct charges. I guess Stripe needs to parse and decode this token before returning it to through actions-on-google.

Am I supposed to use this encoded token in Stripe or is there some other token?


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hey someone please guide me on

expected_inputs[0].input_prompt.rich_initial_prompt: 'title' must not be empty.

error coming simulation while I use LIST response.

does anyone know how to use LIST response, I was tired to use sample code provided in

still i am not getting soluation why its not working

Hi. I am new to development in action for google and backend/node in general. I actually wanted to create an action for google app which uses oauth from github and do queries on their github account.

My question is how should I go about authentication from github or any other service in general (obviously, google not included).

can you help me with this please . "Please make sure to also include this disclaimer in the welcome intent of your app"

Hi all,

Can anyone help on this? I had filled in value in the roomHint field in the JSON response to the sync request, but every time after sync, user still need to manually assign every device to a room. Any idea?


I am a pediatrician. I submitted three days ago my latest app (Treatment Guide for Parents) that helps guide parents when they are concerned about symptoms of illness and possible actions and direction to their provider for follow up if they desire. It was rejected. In the policy link I explained that information returned in a choice of possible problems like cough or fever would NOT collect HIPAA information and had this return comment: "Actions that provide, collect, or store medical information are not allowed." No HIPAA information is collected except one sign or symptoms they want information on. I don't understand how asking to choose "vomiting or cough" falls outside of Actions on Google Policy.

We're building a voice site on Google Action for our customer for the first time.

How should we do the brand verification quicker? We know there is automatic process where we initiate an email from 'google developer' to domain owner for the brand approval. Since, our customer relatively large bank in APAC region it will be hard catch hold of actual domain owner internally and finish brand approval process. Is there any manual steps where we can resolve this brand approval through email conversation.

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Hi, since a few weeks, I cannot test my app (Pamela Target) on my android Device. when I say I want to talk to pamela Target, It always displays a message with a Service & Confidentiality message, I have to choose between ok or "know more" mut when i click OK... nothing happens the app does not start...
everything is fine with the google home and the simulator. It does not work only on the phone
does any of you have had the same experience ?
Thank you
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