Timeout with Assistant on Android

I'm seeing some strange behavior on the Android version of Assistant when it is trying to hit my Actions (going through Dialogflow, mostly hosted on Firebase Functions, some in test).

About half the time, the request just appears to hang. I get the pulsing three dots, and they never stop pulsing. If I restart Assistant, I appear to have the same state, make the statement, get the response, see the four dots prompting me to continue (which is correct), make the next statement, it chirps and changes to a microphone while the three dots pulse... and it hangs again.

I can see on my server that it replies, usually in the timeout time frame, but not always (thats the bug I'm actually trying to figure out). But even when it does, the Assistant doesn't seem to get it half the time.

I'm not seeing this problem with either the simulator or with my Home.

Anyone else seeing this? Anything I can do to diagnose, debug, and/or fix?

+Leon Nicholls
+Ido Green

Hello, everyone.
I am completely new to Google Assistant

I am new to the Actions on Google. I have developed some apps on DialogFlow and I need to set Account Linking. After I generate credentials in Google Projects, when I paste the generated Authorization URL and Refresh Token URL in the Account Linking section of Actions on Google, I receive this error "Google accounts cannot be used as Auth endpoint urls per our Account Linking policy" .
How to solve this issue?

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I have an Action live in the Google Assistant Explore tab, but the invocation phrase listed on the Explore page is incorrect. When you open up the Action, you see the correct invocation phrase. Where can I change the invocation phrase displayed on the Explore page?

My first test app
OK Google, Tell me some Chuck Norris jokes

I'm wondering what the state of play is with regards to private actions now. I've a couple of actions built with dialogflow that work great, and I can imagine some more that would be useful, but having to put them into test mode and ask home to "use my test app" is a pain. Test mode is no good beyond simply testing, public is inappropriate and I doubt they'd get approved because they control and interface to custom tech and don't apply to anyone else, but private use would be awesome. I know there wasn't back in 2016, but is there a path to publish for private use now in 2018?

Hello dear developers.
Is there a way to use google assistant to give voice input commands to my android app, But not cover the screen when I say "Okay Google".
I'm developing a VR app and I want to use voice actions to control user input. Covering the screen would be unacceptable to the users.
Any help about how to go about doing this would be greatly appreciated.

Active my phone hi google

why you guys don't ship google home to Indian assistant app developers ?

Hi developers,

I am currently trying to build a new smart home action on google for my home automation system.

The strange thing is - the application works, as long as I deploy it using ngrok from my local machine. As soon as I deploy it to AWS, Google sends SYNC requests, but gets stuck there - stuck meaning "Could not update the setting ...". In addition, I do not get any log entries within Google Cloud Console and Stackdriver for Google Assistant.

Now I am wondering what I am doing wrong. Are there any additional constraints on responses Google expects from applications? Is there any chance to enable more log messages to find out where Google gets stuck?

Thanks in advance,
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