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Join the Actions on Google Developer Challenge!
Turn your inspiration into action by building apps for the Google Assistant on Google Home, select Android devices, and the iPhone. Enter to win more than 20 prizes including a trip to Google I/O 2018. Your app must be approved by August 31st to be eligible, so start building!


Hello guys,

I've been developing my own action for months (but won't be able to participate in the developer challenge, thanks to Italian laws ☹️ ).
I have a question: is it possible to modify the privacy policy related to the action after you've already released it?

Is it possible to create a single Assistant app with both conversation capabilities and smart home integration in the Actions on Google Console? Or is it necessary to create two projects for that?

I tried to extend the json action package generated by (extracted with ... maybe there is an easier method now) with code for smart home integration ( and uploaded it with gactions CLI.

Unfortunately, only one of the modes work depending on which action is placed first in the json file.

It would make sense to be able to add smart home integration in addition to conversations directly through the console.

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Hey Guys,
I'm facing an issue with carousels in AoG simulator,

I have created an intent in, in which I've used a carousel as a response in that intent. I've created two custom follow up intents which are supposed to be initiated based on which carousel item is selected. But when I test it out in AoG simulator it doesn't work that way.

It is initiating the default fallback intent rather than the follow-up intents that I created. This issue is happening only with carousels and only in AoG simulator. When I replaced the carousel with suggestion chips with the same text as in the title of the carousel it is triggering the follow-up intents rather than the default fallback intent.

Please let me know if there is a solution to this problem.


1. The carousel selection is initiating the follow-up intents when tested in the test console. I'm facing the above issue only in AoG simulator.
2. There seems to be a similar issue even with lists.
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I've a carousel card setup inside and it requires a unique key value. What is that? What's the way to add a link to a carousel card such that it opens a webview / browser app and takes the user to a URL based on the card they tapped on?

Lastly, What's the way to link a chip to trigger a different carousel card?


Hello Guys,

I am facing an issue that my app never shows in the Add Devices section of google assistant app.
I'v worked on the actions on Google development for a few days, I followed all the guidance from Google side. But it still not works. Does anyone of you have ever came cross this issue? I read some blogs, it seems like it is a bug from Google side. Just want to verify this.


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If you’re building an Assistant App, Cloud Functions for Firebase is a great choice to implement fulfillments for your conversation webhooks. #ActionsOnGoogle

I have a issue with number input and wondered if anybody else had come across it.

I have an intent in setup to take in a @sys.number-sequence which works great on web client, and on Google assistant using keyboard. However when i try and speak the number (Its a 16 digit barcode) it looks like it is trying to format it as a phone number ("2110188538436277" becomes "2110 +18-853-843-6277") hence mangling the input. Any Suggestions? 

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I have a question about re-publishing a skill with API.AI.

How do I make sure that the original version still works while the new version is going through the approval process?

API AI doesn't give me any versioning feature. I have a new API.AI model and also a new fulfillment url for the new version.

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Node.js Client Library Update
The Actions on Google client library for Node.js is now up to version 1.2.0:

This release includes:
- Added "delivery address" in the order object
- Removed "CREATED" as a valid state from updateOrderState
- Added "locale" as part of the request
- Added support for "customerInfoProperties"
- Better code coverage for tests
- Bug fixes

Make sure to 'npm update'

The library is available via NPM as 'actions-on-google' and on GitHub:

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