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Actions on Google: A year in review

how to deploy a first app

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when asking a question to my Google Home Assistant; I wake it up by saying "OK Google".., I then ask a simple question like "Who was the tenth president of the United States" and when I get the answer I can then continue to ask related questions like "OK Google, Who was president before him?" and it will answer.... it would be much better if I could continue to ask related questions without saying "OK Google". To end the related questions we could simply say "Thank You Google" or the Assistant will reset after 30 seconds of no interaction".., or a new line of questioning can be activated by saying "OK Google"...

it would be much better and more realistic to have a better flow of questioning if we didn't have to say "OK Google" every time a new related question was asked. and when the Assistant replied "You're Welcome, is there anything else I can help you with". a simple "No" or "No Thank You" would put the Assistant into Stand-By ready for the next time you said "OK/Hey Google"....

What do you guys think....?
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Yes, it would be a great feature to have
No, it's fine as it is.

Has anyone else found a need to prompt for time alone and not in conjunction with a date? If so, did you do something clever and reusable?

A quick glance at the docs leads me to believe that I could use the "possibleIntents" field in the JSON that would kinda-sorta get me a custom askFor method but I don't see a way of specifying a custom intent from a method in a library? Did I miss it?

It's not that I can't roll my own dialog in the Action at hand, it's just that if I do that it ain't all that likely to be easily reusable.

Hello Everyone,
I am facing this issue " Myapp test app isn't responding right now. Try again soon. " in Google simulator.
I am using Aws API gateway and aws lambda function by dialog flow fulfillment.
I am not getting a response in google simulator. I want to use data from aws server so.
Let me know if any important suggestion regarding this.
Thanks in advance.

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Anyone know how to fix this. Having this issue for last couple of days

Hi there!

Could you recommend web tools for scripting/design dialogs. I was thinking about mind maps or other graph-like way to visualize the dialog flow. What do you use and can recommend? I'm pretty sure that this question has already solved many times in game industry. But I have hard time to find anything simple enough. Sure I know about low-level tools for creating diagrams like, but as for me they are overcomplicated and distracts from the main point - design dialog. I'm software engineer so I can pick up complex things, but I'm just trying to find some tool which will be useful for people who are not experts in coding.


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When I try to use my app TrivTest:

Using my google home mini, it does not work anymore. This morning it worked when I used one of my invocations (Play TrivTest) now it doesn't even though I know it understands me correctly because sometimes it says: Triv Test is not available or can't be played right now . My other invocation never worked which is (Talk to TrivTest)

All help is appreciated, especially as google assistant support is not answering me anymore, even though I sent them like 10 emails already.

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Hi I'm getting issues while uploading the google sheet for trivia .Please can u give some suggestions

+Leon Nicholls
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