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New Google Sign-In based account linking types mature to General availability, plus we published revamped account linking docs. Learn more in Silvano’s blog post:

#ActionsOnGoogle #AoGDevs

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Hey Everyone! Today I am very excited to tell that today I received my Google Home device from Google. I just want to thank everyone of you for helping me out in my problems and also I want to thank the Google Team for sending me such a wonderful gift. Thank you very much!

When i submitted it
And I got an email that said
1. Your privacy policy does not contain any info about what data us collected from the user and how/if it is stored or used .

What I have to do now ?
Please help me ...

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can I use my Google Cloud credit to see movies on YouTube and to buy apps in Play Store?

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भीगी भीगी सडको पे में
​NET​ का इंतेजार करू,
धीरे धीरे ​MOBILE​ को
​INTERNET​ के ही नाम करू,

खुद को मै यु खो दू,
के ​GOOGLE​ पे भी ना मिलु,
होले होले जिंदगी को
अब ​Twitter के हवाले करू,

​Twitter रे रे​
​Twitter रे रे​
तू मेरा ​TIME PASS​ रे...

I want to view out my responses to the user via rich responses, suppose using basic cards od carousel cards, but the only problem I have is that each card's content is dynamic. So I was wondering how can I make it happen. I tried out by invoking the rich response multiple times using a loop, but that doesn't seem to work.

My current scenario is: I have my content for the rich response stored in an array, and I want to make all the content of that array visible to the user using basic cards or carousel cards.
Help me with it.

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I have submitted my app for brand verification as the invocation used is reserved. It's been more than 48 hours but haven't received any mail to verify the brand. I still haven't submitted my app for review.

Does brand verification happen only when app is submitted for review? I thought both of them are independent process.

Can someone help or let me know how to contact GA guys?

User Entity not working in Alpha realease

I have developed an Action for google assistant using Dialogflow v1, everything is working perfectly in a developer version, but once I have submitted it for the Alpha release, the user entity not working for the alpha version or with the testers account.
I have checked my logs and it shows me that user entity is created successfully but it didn't detect it in the slot filing.
I have also tested it with the Get request from Postman with the same sessionId and successfully get the entities but I understand why it is not detecting in slot filing in Alpha version.
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