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"Hello! Dipper pines here!"
"As you some of you know, I have reached 60 followers! WHHHAAAAATTT right?!"
"Feel free to ask me." ΛПD BIPPΣЯ "Random and weird questions"
+Bill Cipher
+Gideon Gleeful
+Artorias The AbyysWalker
+Sans The Skelebro
+Mabel Pines
+The Fazbear Fan
+нαяlєу qυιии
+Mew3 The Pokémon God
+Ember McLain
+Logan Cipher
+Roy Harper • Aяѕєηαℓ
+Mabel Pines
+Stanley Pines
+Star Butterfly
+Tambry dat Cellphone addict
+rainbow dash
+William Cipher
+Will Cipher
+Chara Dreemurr
"So welcome! And enjoy your time!'
"this is dipper pines, signing off"


"Greetings Dipper Mason Pines, I am Alexander Hamilton's former sister, turned enemy" Lizzie smiled
"Kay kiddo, that's nuf, Thomas Jefferson, By the way"

"Hey, Dippiri Dop, what are you think about Mabel's fangirl-things?"
(And what are you think about my bad English? [I just learn it, that's not my first language, sorry.])

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ok...if you just got done with weirdmaggeton, and stan did this what would ya do?
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Hi I'm new and it's nice to meet u....My Question is How many people do u meet on google+ a day roughly ?

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Hey dipper look what I got !!


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Hi! I'm Jill Cipher! Your new best friend! laughs

Hi! I'm Jill Cipher! I would like to ask Bipper a question.

How Old Are You
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