Has anyone else noticed doing a "chrome://restart" takes a little longer than it used to? We are only talking a few extra seconds, but I am trying to rule out if the extended time issue is just on my Acer Chromebook 15 or if it is the norm for everyone compared to the past.

I got an error message on my Acer CB3-131 yesterday saying the monitor was incompatible. I wasn't using a monitor just the built in screen.

Fortunately a reboot fixed the problem but it was rather worrying.

Anyone else had this or know what causes it?

Bought an Acer R13 today and straight away set it up in the beta channel.

When I went to put it in tent mode the screen didn't change orientation. When I then put it in tablet mode it didn't change to portrait even though auto-rotation was on.
Is this a known issue with the current beta build? I know a few convertables are having issues with keyboard deactivation, this feels like it could be linked.

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Help me out. I'm trying to get this bug some traction. Take a look and click on the "star" in the top left if you agree it needs to be fixed. In short, multiple sign-out is broken by the way Hope handles SSL inspection.

It's my work laptop and I can hardly do my job because of this bug...I'm forced back to my Mac!

Thank you for your support.

I just bought an Asus Chromebook used on ebay. I connected to my monitor, keyboard and mouse, booted it up and it just shuts down after 20 seconds. Have not connected to network. Any ideas? Thanks.

This post is for people use (or at some point would like to use) a Chromebook to access files on an alternative device like a Windows file share or SFTP, Dropbox or OneDrive server. This is usually done using a "Files" app extension like "Network File Share for Chrome OS", "File System for Windows" or "File System for Dropbox".

If you do, I suspect you have probably noticed that it is impossible to download a file from the Chrome browser directly to your alternative provider (e.g. a Window share). For example in Gmail it is impossible to download an attachment to anyplace other than local storage or Drive even if you have installed other file providers (although oddly enough you are able to go the other way and upload (attach) a file from an alternative file system to at least some websites).

Because of this downloading a file from a website to something like a Windows share is a two step process. A person first needs to download a file into a local folder (e.g. the "Downloads" folder). Then they need to open the "Files" app and move the file from the Download folder over to their alternative network file provider.

As someone who needs to access files on a Windows network on a regular basis, this has been a significant annoyance for a couple of years. To see if this would ever change I checked the Chromium bug site and noticed that the issue has been reported (Issues 458757 and 509516).


But I also noticed that the resolution of these issues (and several others) are being blocked because another bug needs to be fixed first (Issue 161715).


The problem is no one has worked on bug 161715 for at least a year or so. It appears the issue was looked at for a while and then, for whatever reason, someone dropped the ball and forgot about it. It also doesn't help that Issue 161715 isn't terribly well described and I don't think the developers really know what they are being asked to fix.

If you find this problem as annoying as I do, please consider helping jump start the process of getting it fixed by visiting each of the above bugs and "starring" them. Starring a bug is a way for users to tell Google that they think a particular bug is important.

You can do this by first logging into the Google chromium "Issue Tracker" website (just click "Sign In" in the upper right corner of the screen). Once you do a "star" will appear in the upper left corner of the screen just to the left of the issue number. If you click it, it will turn blue. You will also be emailed updates on the bugs until they are fixed.

If you wish you can also leave a comment on the site. Although keep in mind it is usually best to only leave a comment if you think you have something helpful to add to the discussion. Although in the case of bugs that are being ignored I would argue it is better to err on the side of saying too much rather than too little. Your call.

Of course feel free to also browse around and star any other bugs that you would like to see fixed as well. Thanks much.

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Chromebook Plus can't play your MKV files? I think you can get a quick soution here:

#mkv #chromebook

!SOLVED! Hey folks, I want to run Remix OS from a USB flash drive on my Toshiba Chromebook 2 (2014). So far, I've tried several tutorials on activating USB boot on a Chromebook. None of those worked for me. The system won't even recognize the USB drive.
Does anyone know if it's even possible to run a live-system from a USB stick on the Toshiba CB 2, without tinkering with firmware or hardware?
Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Any of ya'll have an Asus Flip just power off suddenly when playing an Android App game? On battery. Fine when plugged in.

I have a Chrombook acer 15 also a netgear wireless N150 access point WN604 router ans a Dymond WR03 wifi extender.
Router and Extender do have ethernet cable connection and Chromebook has not
Who can inform me how to make the connection with my Chromebook in my network Thanks
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