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Anyone noticed on a blank google page, top left, there appears to be a moving button (under Home) - I wonder what this will be used for? (its not movable)

Being on Canary, I find myself Powerwashing on a somewhat regular-ish basis. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for me to get back to normal although Android apps may be installing in the background. I regularly run a script to backup my Downloads folder and my scripts and ssh keys to a local NAS. A restore script puts everything back again but that too runs in the background and does take a few minutes.
I run Crouton from removable media so I don't need to reinstall that although I do need to repoint my launch scripts usually accomplished later.
The one area that is bothersome is Android apps that don't back up their data and settings must be recreated.
I am curious how others handle a Powerwash and whether there are some special procedures you may use.

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First, a hello from a new member. I've been looking for a general chromebook question and answer resource. This looks like a good one.

I run Crouton, and I'm good with Linux, but there are some Chromebook specific issues that may come up for which I need answers. I'll try to help with what I know as well.

One chromebook story that just happened: I'm sitting in a diner for breakfast and doing my morning reading on the Chromebook. (An Asus C302). A fly is bothering me. After several attempts to swat it away, it landed on the Chromebook, right on the Asus logo. Slam went the lid -- the Chromebook got it's man (fly.)

Ed Greenberg

Can one reformat a 64bit Windows laptop to be a Chromebook? I think that's what a friend of mine needs.

Just in case you didn't see it, the Pixelbook is on sale at Amazon for $749.99 with an additional 15% off for those with Prime credit cards ...

Looking for a good deal on 14" Chromebooks with at least 4GB of RAM on Prime Day. If anyone sees anything please let me know.

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you can set Shelf position to left, bottom, and right,
which one do you use?
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I am never sure whether some daily changes are intentional or oopses. A couple of weeks ago I reported the plus for new tabs was moved to the far left. It reverted to the far right a day or two later. Today's Canary update brought another unusual change but who knows. . . I'm not sure I like this one.

I know you can use Ctrl+Shift+Refresh to rotate the screen 90 degrees. But my bluetooth keyboard doesn't have a refresh button, is there a way to rotate the screen using another keyboard shortcut combo?
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