Good afternoon!! Question for everyone. Has anyone experienced a Dell 13 Chromebook screen flickering? You turn on the Chromebook & the screen flickers black & white & wont't boot? If you've experienced this, how did you resolve the issue?

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The Chromebook 3380, an Intel Core i3-powered Chromebook, offers speed and functionality with a 13-inch touch screen.

Well that's fabulous to see the Dell 13 7310 Chromebook has dropped off the Android Play Store list. Thanks for nothing Google. I bet most Chromebooks made before mid 2016 will drop off it too in time.

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"The Chromebook 3189's durable chassis, strong audio and all-day battery life make it a great choice for young students."

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This model definitely has a sturdy feel to it and the extra features like the rubberized edge and spill-resistant keyboard add an extra kid-proof level.

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"Dell's Chromebook 3180 offers all-day battery life in a durable, student-friendly package."

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PC Mag reviews the newest EDU convertible from Dell!


The Dell Chromebook 3189 is a durable convertible laptop, with a long-lasting battery, a multimode hinge, and enough processing juice to help power online and classroom learning.

First, thanks for a great community!

I just received the Chrome 58 update on my Dell CB 13 (Lulu) in Beta. I was using the crosh scripts to run the Google Play Store with Chrome 57 and everything worked great. However, with the new update the script does not work. By that I mean all of the commands work just fine but when I logout (CTRL-SHFT-Q twice) and log back in, the Play Store does not reappear.

Any ideas or suggestions?

how am I able to keep my Chromebook from turning off and going into rest mode. I'm curious for I have a usb fan that I want to run overnight yet I do not want to much light from the Chromebook and do not want to be constantly having to touch the keys to turn the Chromebook on again.. Thanks
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